Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-angry-THUMBWe all love these cute whiteboard animated videos, but not everyone knows how to make them right!

There are some basic rules and steps to follow so that an animated video can be truly called a whiteboard video. Not following these rules is a typical mistake that could actually waste your video efforts, and drive away all of the goodies of this particular style of animated marketing video.

Here’s a fine example of great whiteboard explainer video production, use it as a reference:

Keep reading and find out the 5 most typical mistakes made during whiteboard video production.


1. Forgetting The Hand

If there isn’t a hand to draw the story, it won’t be a whiteboard video.

The whole idea of this animated explainer video style is that someone is drawing on a whiteboard to explain something. Not placing a hand makes it lose its charm and educational approach (see number 5 below). Without the hand, it could be an excellent animated marketing video but it won’t be a whiteboard animation.

Watch another cool whiteboard example:


2. Not Connecting

A very common mistake is trying to make a whiteboard animation without connecting the drawings that tell the story. If the video is made from several draw-and-erase stages and digital panning, it may seem like a whiteboard but it won’t have the proper effect over the audience.

Here’s one of our whiteboard animations so that you can watch how we connected the drawings to tell a bound story:


3. Using a Non-White Background

This isn’t a mistake by itself, but you have to be careful. Whiteboard animations are immediately recognized by a hand over a white board. So if the background of the video is of another color (or even textured) the video could lose its essence.  Remember: they’re called "whiteboard" videos!


4. Making a Colorful Video

Whiteboard animations are black-and-white videos. Ok, you can add some slight coloring in the brand logos and details related to the company but you must not overdo it!  A colorful whiteboard will cease to be one. Again, it could be a great explainer video but it won’t be a whiteboard animation in itself.

Watch how we used some color details in this one to make the brand stand out, without losing the whiteboard essence:


5. Not Being Educational

Whiteboard animations always have an educational approach so they’re always explaining something, like in a classroom: hence, the white board.

In order to make a TV commercial or a particularly salesy ad, we don’t recommend choosing this explainer video style. There are many other styles that’ll work way better than a whiteboard animation video.


Now you got it! These 5 typical mistakes can spoil your whiteboard video, so beware!


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