Marketers are pushed to get the most out of their campaigns, optimizing their ROI while building a strong relationship with their audiences and taking care of their brand's reputation.

What if they could improve their marketing strategies by making use of neuroscience, as a way to target the unconscious desires of consumers and understand in depth what REALLY drives their decisions? In this blog post we'll analyze how you can leverage neuroscience to enhance your video marketing strategies, and your animated explainer videos specifically. Keep on reading!


Neuroscience + Marketing

Just to make it simple, neuroscience could be defined as the scientific study of the nervous system. It's a complex field of study and it's considered an interdisciplinary science (it collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine -including neurology-, genetics, and allied disciplines including philosophy, physics, and psychology.

Barbara O’Connell (Senior Vice President, Consumer Neuroscience Practice, North America, Millward Brown) prefers to define neuroscience as “a broad term encompassing a variety of techniques, all of which use indirect rather than direct/explicit measurements of people’s responses”. Most of these techniques, such as brain scanning, brain wave measurement and eye tracking, have been used in medical or academic settings for years and are now being adopted by marketers.

So, although neuroscience is a complex and comprehensive science, there are some specific concepts that can be applied to marketing in order to provide consumers with more relevant and useful content. Let's see how you can make use of some of these concepts to enhance your video marketing initiatives.

5 Neuroscience Concepts You Can Leverage

To start, I have to be honest: consumer behaviour can never be predicted with 100% precision. But, despite this, there are many concepts you can start to understand to provide them with a better experience and, finally, encourage them to take the next step. Go over these useful tips:

1) Lead with emotion.

Emotion is the first step to connect with your audience. A strong emotional engagement with the consumer is vital in order to develop a good brand connection and influence future behaviour. Video content is perfect to trigger different emotions within your audience and help them make a decision  by delivering the right content. You can achieve this with lots of techniques used in animated video marketing: character design, choosing the right soundtrack and narrative structure for example.


2) Motion, novelty, error, and ambiguity are four ways to attract attention.

These techniques can also help to send additional messaging. Our brains are inherently made to feel attracted to novelty. Error is also a great resource for getting attention; moreover, it´s attractive, engaging and often irresistible (imagine a bird with a dog head in an ad! wouldn't it get your attention immediately?). Ambiguity is another one (our human brain is built to search for answers and solve enigmas). And hey, talking about motion, explainer videos are a great alternative to grab your audience's attention instantly. Paying attention to movement is part of our DNA! By the way, did you know that the Play button is considered to be the most powerful “call to action” because of what that symbol communicates to our eyes, brain, and the emotional response it pulls?  

3) Use as many senses as possible in presenting your product.

A multisensory experience will help you build an emotional experience too. Keep in mind that we've been programmed to pay attention to movement and noise, and with video content, our listening and watching senses are activated at the same time. In conclusion, videos stand out as the perfect audio-visual mix that fuels our human brain with enough stimuli to have a great impact.

4) Enforce consistency in branding.

A variety of touchpoints will help you build your brand and engagement. That´s why we always remark the importance of including the colors of your brand identity throughout the entire video. This way, your target audience will be able to recognize that your company is the one behind that product.


5) We get bored with the same old, same old. Sometimes innovation for its own sake is important.

Companies really need to ask themselves how they can be more creative and innovative. They should constantly avoid being old-fashioned and outdated. Then, why not try creating an animated marketing video (or a video that better suits your efforts, really) to approach your audience at a different level, while reinforcing your brand awareness and standing out as a company that focuses on its client's needs AND content quality?

If you want to know more about the psychology behind explainer videos, we recommend that you read this interesting article. You can also surf our blog to get more information about how science and video marketing are linked!


White Paper - What drives Customer Decisions?


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