Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MOBILE-FRIENDLY-thumbnailDoes your explainer video have what it takes to be mobile-friendly?

Animated explainer videos have become the latest marketing trend due to their engaging capabilities and great conversion performance. And online marketers know that the mobile world is a vital marketing channel to use in order to distribute those videos (Cisco). But, in order to be watched and shared by the ever-growing mobile audience, your video needs to work perfectly on their devices.


So how do you know if your explainer video is mobile-friendly? Easy; ask yourself the following questions:


1. Is your video placed above the fold on your website?


Where you place your marketing video is vital for its performance on mobile devices.

Bear in mind that mobile audiences are even more visual than regular website users; so it’s important that they don’t need to scroll down to see the play button. So when you embed your video on your mobile site, make sure it’s right above the fold: this guarantees that the video is the first thing visitors see when they open the site.

Oh, and in order to get an optimized video performance, make sure your website has a responsive design; this means that it can automatically format to fit any screen size. 


2. Does your video load in about 5 seconds?


Mobile users are a little more patient than PC users regarding video loading time, but still pretty anxious. It’s unlikely for a video to load under 5 seconds on mobile, but you won’t like what happens afterwards: views start to drop off.

How do you avoid lengthy loading times then? When producing your animated video, check the quality settings on your video software (or ask your video production company to do so) and reduce -as small as you can- the sizes of images, animations and audio when producing your video; that way you won't need to compress it as much to get to the final file size. 

Likewise, pay attention to your video hosting service to check your video performance. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and it’s completely free, but some other paid options -such as Wistia or Vidyard- offer real-time analytics to check your video performance on mobile. Sometimes you need to try different hosting services to learn which one works better for your videos.


3. Does your video draw viewers’ attention during the first 8 seconds?


You need to learn that the human attention span is shorter than ever. Today, it takes just 8 seconds until people get distracted and look in another direction… unless you grab their attention quickly!

Mobile users watch thousands of videos every day and you need to make yours as engaging and compelling enough for them to keep on watching. During the first 8 seconds of your video, you need to add a powerful hook to make your viewers interested in what’s coming next. Maybe an emotional hook (“Do you remember when we were young?”) or perhaps an insightful hook (“Are you craving to get more website visitors?”); use a headline that can grab their attention and make them stay  and watchall the way through to the end.


4. Are call-to-action buttons accessible?


A good animated marketing video always has a clear call-to-action at the end: it invites the viewer to “download our app”, “subscribe to our newsletter” or “follow us on Facebook” right after he or she watches the whole video. Without this final action, the video becomes worthless because it loses its purpose.

How to invite mobile users to perform this final action? Easy; add compelling call-to-action buttons in the video (YouTube offers that option, for example) and also next to the video on the landing page where you’ve placed your video. Remember our first question and keep those buttons in sight, so that no one gets lost and knows exactly what to do after watching your video.


5. Does your video leave a good final impression?


Overall, all of this technical advice could’ve been useless if your video is not good. Make sure your video is useful to your mobile target audience. That way, they’ll recommend it, share it and like it on their favorite social networks.

Besides promoting your product or service, you need to show your audience that you’re talking to them and not just selling stuff. Mobile audiences can be quite picky with advertising, but a great marketing video is so much more than that: it delivers a valuable answer to a problem; this generates trust and brand engagement, revealing the true power of marketing videos!


So do you think your video is mobile-friendly? Set it up to make the best of it and prepare to succeed with your mobile target audience!

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