Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ANIMATED-girl-THUMBSeeing is believing. This seems to be the motto of how people experience content on the web. When your animated explainer videos disclose your business idea, they’re basically telling your brand’s story. And if you tell it well, people will believe it.

That’s the power of these animated marketing videos: in just a few seconds they show the true essence of your brand. Now let us show you 5 reasons why explainer videos can help you promote it.


1. Explainer Videos Help You Get Close To Your Audience

In order to develop a strong, deep connection with your audience, you need to bring them close to your brand. Your visitors need to see something they can relate to. Marketing videos can help you make this happen by showing animated characters who represent your potential customers.

This representation grows empathy within your viewers. Since they’re watching something that stands for them, they won’t just identify with those characters but they will also feel more engaged to what your company is selling.

Let us show you how we represented a particular audience of 25-to-35 young music fans in this animated video:


As you can see, music fans can easily relate to the characters shown in this video; and that relationship will help increase their trust towards the product presented by the brand:



You can only achieve this through a custom animated video, so take it under consideration when you decide to make a video for your brand.


2. The Colors of Your Flag

Researchers have found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone. This figure is astoundingly eloquent as to the importance color has in the craft of your brand.

Also, colors have a great impact on the perception of the brand. This means that colors are crucial as to influencing how your audience sees the personality of your brand.

All of this implies that colors are one of the most powerful resources in regards to brand awareness. By making a wise use of your brand colors on your video, your audience will be able to recognize it right away and easily recall it afterwards.

When marketing videos are showing something, they’re basically making viewers store information that they can later recall, which is essentially at the core of people becoming aware of a certain brand.

Watch how you can grow powerful brand presence in an animated video with only three colors:


Nonetheless, there is no need for having only 2 or 3 colors in your video. You can develop strong brand awareness by using an entire palette of colors that’s related to your brand. Here’s a good example:           


3. Online Visibility

A marketing video is a very powerful resource for your SEO strategy because it helps your website gain presence in Google. It’s proven that explainer videos boost website’s average visit time from 8 seconds up to 2 minutes on average, resulting in a 1500% increase! This will make your website rank higher in Google, making it easier for people to find your website there.

Animated marketing videos will also help you gain notoriety in YouTube -the 2nd largest search engine in the world. A video on YouTube works as an independent marketing entity. If someone watches your video on YouTube, that person can then find further information about your company in the description section, which helps your audience engagement.

Bear in mind that video is the most shared material online. If someone likes your video, they may share it with the rest of the world, which in the end means free promotion that will prove to be very beneficial for your brand, indeed!

If you want to learn how to rank high on YouTube’s result pages, download our exclusive free eBook over here. It’s a handy guide to use to enhance your videos’ performance in the world’s most popular search engine and social network; and it’s exemplified in detail with a real case study: our video “What is the Best Explainer Video Style for your Business”, which you can watch right here:


4. What They See Is What You Sell

Your animated marketing video acts as a concise summary on what your company is all about: the colors, the characters, the story, the tone. Bear in mind that your video would probably be the first encounter your potential customers have with your brand, so you need to make that encounter worth it, because what they’re seeing is exactly what you’re selling. In other words, your animated video becomes your online identity.

The great thing about these marketing videos is that they tell your story in just a few seconds and in a very attractive way. Besides, if your viewers like your video, it is very likely that they will share it, so your online identity will end up being multiplied.


5. Brand As A Purveyor of Trust

When people buy something online, they’re not only investing money, they’re investing trust. They’re confident that the fact of purchasing that product will help them fill a certain need. An attractive, clear and consistent brand helps people gain more trust about what they’re about to consume.

Animated explainer videos do not show the full picture, they show the whole movie. They will help you get your brand across more effectively. We tend to remember things that are close to us, simple yet impactful. We tend to trust in what’s remarkable and important.

Animated marketing videos show your audience that you truly know them and this understanding of their problems builds trust within them, which becomes a natural motivation for making a purchase.

This is just one of the reasons that explains how marketing videos help increase sales, by boosting conversion rates by 20% on average.


Aiming for the best explainer video can help you build a relatable, remarkable, consistent and trustworthy brand. We hope you can apply this information to create the identity you need to become unique, stand out from the crowd and become the leader in your market.


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