Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ANIMATION-new-THUMBYou’ve already come across several animated marketing videos all over the web (those marketing videos that explain a business idea in a matter of seconds and use cute and attractive animation). But have you noticed that most of them use animated characters?


Well, they’re not crafted by chance! Marketers oversee every step of the video making process and don’t use any asset at random, not to mention the use of characters in their marketing videos. But what is the benefit of using characters? Well, today we’re going to give you the 5 main reasons why marketers choose to use characters for their animated explainer videos.


1. Storytelling

If you have a main character, you have a story to tell! An animated character always has a story behind it, along with problems that he or she needs to overcome. Storytelling is very powerful and compelling; that’s why it has been used over the years to teach new things, advertise more easily and create great motion picture scripts.

Check out this cute girl’s story in our marketing video:


2. Empathy

Audiences welcome animated characters as actual human beings and this can generate a great deal of empathy. Watching how a character deals with his/her problems as the story unfolds gets the audience emotionally closer to him/her. People empathize with the animated characters in a video by feeling their happiness, their sorrow or their anxiety, depending on the kind of story in the video.

Generating empathy is vital in order to engage with any kind of audience. It makes people get really involved with the story in your video and also makes the viewers curious about how the character’s going to solve its problems.

Watch this video of ours. I dare you not to feel pity for this little boy:


3. Identification

It’s vital to be very careful on what your characters look like. You need to make your characters look like your audience in order to make your audience feel represented by them. If your characters have their same gender, age, skin tone and even dress like them, they’ll know in the blink of an eye that the video is made especially for them; this will obviously make your characters more attractive and compelling to them.

It would be quite weird to make a video with a 50-year-old main character if the product is a new perfume for teenage girls. If the main character is a cute 16-year-old girl that even looks like them, viewers will more likely believe the video’s message, identify with the brand and purchase the product.

Custom animated characters generate great trust because the audience understands that the video was made for them in order to help solve their problem. Watch this video to see how this particular service could help any busy architect:


4. Wishfulness

Sometimes, the main characters in a video don’t look exactly like your target audience but how they’d wish to look like instead. This is an old advertising trick: the character in the ad represents everything that the target audience wishes to be, so that they are able to fulfill their wishes by purchasing the proper product or service.

Some products or services actually feed on these wishful-characters, such as fashion, beauty products or health services. In this video you can see how the animation displays the transformation of an audience-like character into an aspired one, and how the project management service helps to display it:


5. Branding

We’ve learned that the main animated character in explainer videos generates a wide range of emotions in their target audience: from trustworthiness and happiness to the most intimate hopes and desires. Another great benefit of animated characters is that, through using them, these powerful emotions easily become attached to the brand that made the video.

Animated characters therefore help to boost your branding by adding a positive mood to your company, because viewers had spent a good amount of time watching your video and getting emotionally closer to its lovely characters. Check out how the colorful characters in this video help to define the brand image:


Ready to apply fun and lively animated characters to your own videos now? I assure you that they will give your business an awesome twist and delight your target audience anytime!

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