Nowadays, one of the best ways to make your brand known, is having an online presence, but this is not the only necessary thing to promote your product or service, you also need to apply a quality SEO strategy.

But do you know what SEO is? In case you don’t, it’s ok, we’ll explain it to you: SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization, and applying an SEO strategy means planning what to do to improve your position in a search engine like Google or YouTube. 


Ranking high on these platforms will make you reach your marketing objectives faster, and more people will get to know what your brand is about. And this is exactly why we’ll reveal today - 5 secrets to improve your SEO efforts, so don’t miss them and keep on reading!


Secret #1 - Use the right keywords

Having an online presence involves owning a website. So if you don’t have one, you need to get one immediately! Once your landing page is all set, make sure you use the right keywords everywhere on your website. 

Keywords are the words related to your business that people use the most when performing a search on the Internet. For example, our two main keywords are: best explainer videos and animated marketing videos.


Use your keywords everywhere so when people search on Google, there will be more chances they get to visit your site. To know which keywords to use, you can go to the Keyword Planner of Google AdWords and get some ideas from there.

Also, bear in mind that, to truly optimize your SEO, it’s always better to use longtail keywords, like “best explainer video styles” instead of just “explainer video”. This way, you’ll attract more people to your site because they’ll find you if they write the long keyword or the short one.


Secret #2 - Always create new content

People won’t go to your landing page 10 times to watch the same content all over again, so to attract more visitors to your website, always keep it updated with new content.

A great way to do this is by adding a blog to your website where you can post articles with a minimal frequency of two per week. This way, your viewers will have something new to read on your homepage at all times.



Also, don’t create simple content; make it useful and outstanding, so people prefer to enter your site instead of someone else’s.This way, you’ll be performing SEO techniques without even knowing it, because as more interesting as your post is, more people will click on it and then Google will note it and will make you rank higher on its search pages.

Secret #3 - Make everything easy to share

On the Internet, you can’t be selfish because the more you share with the world, the more known you’re going go be and -as a business person- this will make you increase sales and conversions.

So always make everything on your site easy to share, from videos to articles, images and infographics. You should also add social network buttons to your site and posts, so people can easily and quickly spread the word about you and your brand.

Here applies the same concept as in secret #3: when more people are clicking on your site, the higher you’ll rank on search engine platforms.


Secret #4 – Make links your allies

It’s important to know how Google works in order to improve your SEO strategy. So note that this search engine platform looks at the words you use in your links to determine what your website is about, so use your keywords in your links and share them wisely.

For example, instead of writing “Click here to learn more”, use a hyperlink that incorporates your most used keywords. In our case, for example, the correct use of the hyperlink will be: “To know more, visit our Explainer Video Academy”.

Another great way to improve your SEO strategy is by creating partnerships with other websites, so they can put links to your homepage on their own sites. This is excellent for bringing in more viewers and therefore ranking higher in the search engines.

Secret #5 – Use an animated marketing video

This last secret is our favorite, because it’s the most dynamic and entertaining way to improve your SEO strategy. Having an animated marketing video will help your online presence be more effective and will also allow you to be on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, right after its owner, Google.

And what’s best? You can set a SEO strategy exclusively for your animated explainer video, increasing your possibilities of succeeding by: using the right thumbnail, including keywords in your video’s title and description and adding a Call-to-Action.

Another great thing about including animated marketing videos in your SEO strategy is that they’ll help reduce your bounce rate, so more people will stay on your site for longer, instead of instantly dropping off. Note that when there’s a video on your website, people longer, about two minutes on average, and without video, the average staying time is only 8 seconds.

Watch our video: WHAT IS THE BEST EXPLAINER VIDEO STYLE FOR YOUR BUSINESS?. Which ranked #1 on YouTube search engine position and still remains in the first three spots and with nearly 40,000 views.




And there you go, these are our 5 secrets to improve your SEO efforts. Use them so you can rank higher and higher everywhere on the World Wide Web!

Also, to know more about this subject, download our free educational eBook “How to Rank #1 on YouTube (Real Case Study)” and visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you’ll find amazing tips about how to make the best explainer video production ever!


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