Are you using Snapchat for your video marketing campaign and want to start measuring your efforts on this popular social network?

In this blog post, we'll share 5 key metrics that will give you the big picture of how it's going. Read on!

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Quick Snapshot Of The Little Ghost

Let me share with you some interesting data about the growth and development of this fascinating social network (just to get you in the mood):

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5 Metrics That Will Help You Measure Your Campaign's Success

And now, it's time to go over some key metrics that will help you understand how your campaign is measuring up. Measuring performance on this social network can still be a little bit confusing for some marketers, but... guess what? We're here to help! Check out these metrics and take some time to analyze how your brand is performing and how you can optimize your campaign in the future.

#1: Unique views

This is probably one of the most common metrics used to measure a campaign's success. “Unique views” refers to the number of users who opened the first frame of your Snapchat story for at least one second. It represents the amount of people who opened the first snap of a story every 24 hours. The good thing is that Snapchat counts each person once - this means that “unique views” is  quite an accurate metric when it comes to understanding how many individuals watched your video.

#2: Story completions

As you might know, Snapchat stories can be one snap or 100 snaps long. And, of course, you can use a 24-hour lapse and then connect multiple snaps together to create one single video story. By measuring how many people watched the last snap of your story you can have a precise idea of how many users watched the whole story, from beginning to end.

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#3: Completion rate

Just like “story completions” give you an idea of how many people watched the entire story, “completion rate” measures the percentage of users who watched the Snapchat story from beginning to end compared with those who stopped watching at a certain point. What´s the formula you should use? Divide the number of story completions by the number of unique views and multiply by 100.

#4: Screenshots

As Snapchat has no Like / Share button features, or a section for Comments, a good way to measure your audience's engagement is by using the screenshot metric, which tells you how many users took a screenshot of a particular snap.  Of course, you can also use screenshots to involve your audience in different polls and contests: why not ask them to screenshot their favorite part of the video, for instance?

#5: Fallout rate

The fallout rate is the difference in views between the first snap in a story and the rest of the snaps thereafter. This metric helps you understand where your users are dropping off and where they're engaging the most. Follow this formula: divide the difference by the views from the first snap, and multiply by 100. By gathering such useful data you will be able to provide your users with better and more engaging content.

Is there any other metric you're already using to assess your Snapchat video campaigns? Share your feedback with us!

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