When it comes to explainer videos, there are several approaches to choose from.

Motion graphics, cartoon style, 3D animation, whiteboard animation… each approach has its strong points! If you’ve decided to go with whiteboard animation, see how you can take the most advantage of your production process with these handy tips.


What Is Whiteboard Animation?

Originally, whiteboard animation was conceived by recording an artist drawing on a whiteboard while explaining an idea or concept. Today, these videos have a 100% digital production process but they still recreate the whiteboard with a white background along with some “scribbling” over it.

As a matter of fact, today some companies even enhance the original charm of this technique by adding 2D character animation and special effects.

Why Would I Choose Whiteboard Animation?

They are didactic! As the story develops right in front of the viewer, what is said through the voiceover is instantly explained visually through the art. This accounts for a strong reinforcement of the concepts and ideas behind them.

Whiteboard animation videos are highly engaging because the story is created in front of the viewer’s eye. Due to the educational approach of this technique, these videos are a great way to explain complex information in a straightforward way. IT solutions, computer software and business to business campaigns are all examples of companies that use whiteboard animation videos.



See how engaging they can be? There is something hypnotizing about the way words and images unfold on the whiteboard. As you can see, they are an excellent tool for brands trying to deliver a message in a compelling way.

Five Tips for the Best Whiteboard Animation Video Ever

  • Write the Best Script

As you know, the script is the backbone of your explainer video and the first step towards a successful video campaign. The perfect whiteboard animation script should be less than 240 words, which will result in around 90 seconds in video format.  This way, your audience will watch it until the end.

Respecting the content of your script, ensure the story focuses on your audience and their problems instead of your product features.

Yummy Tip: To know more about how to write a killer script, download our free ebook here.

  • Create Powerful Images

As you already know, whiteboard animation implies mostly black content over a solid white background. This is why you must enhance it with dynamic illustrations and powerful imagery! It is what your viewers will focus on the most as they listen to the voiceover and follow your story.

Yummy Tip: If you want to add some points of interest to your whiteboard animation video, you can include a touch of color here and there to highlight relevant elements.

  • Make Use of Animated Characters

Having said that, it is a good idea to take your video to the next level by adding characters and animating them. For this part, you can focus on your buyer persona and imagine what they would look like as the main character in your video.

Regarding animation, look for a professional explainer video company that can make character movements flow effortlessly. It is crucial for things to look natural to keep your viewers’ attention on what you want them to: your message.

See how realistic animation can get:



Always Add the Drawing Hand!

Yes, maybe you made a digital whiteboard video, but you should always add the drawing hand. Without it, the effect is not the same! Consider that without the drawing hand, the whole concept of what a whiteboard animation video is will be gone.

  • Keep It Flowing

Another key element of whiteboard animation is its flow. Drawings must be continuous for the resulting animation to represent one whole, compelling storyline.

Cuts and swaps and even draw-and-erase sections are wonderful resources to stress certain points. But as with everything, balance is key: abusing them will damage the continuity of your story and interrupt your viewers’ attention.

See in Spigit’s explainer video how cables help interconnect the different images, maintaining the dynamics:



So, what do you think? We’d love to know! At Yum Yum Videos, we are certain whiteboard animation videos can be a wonderful resource for your marketing strategy. If you are keen on exploring what’s great about each explainer video style, check out this video. It can help you decide which one is best for you!


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