Analytics can be a little tricky. You may see a good number of visitors coming to your site, but if you dig a little deeper then you'll probably find out that they're jumping from one page to another one within a matter of seconds.

So here you have a problem with the average time on page spent on your website. Today we're going to share with you some useful tricks so that you can increase that level of engagement with your content while also reducing the bounce rate. Join us in this reading!


Analyzing Metrics

The average time on page (just like the average session duration) are some interesting metrics you can measure, but they're not key performance indicators (KPIs).

Despite this, it's recommendable that you take a look at these metrics regularly to understand how engaged your visitors are with the content you offer. Keep in mind that, in general, it's good having a high average time on page rate: this will give you a clue that the visitors enjoy what they are seeing. But hey...this doesn't necessarily mean that every single page needs to have a high average time on page rate.This may happen with a page that is meant to push a download, or with a checkout page, just to give you some examples. In these types of pages, your average time on page rate should be low, in theory. And that's not bad.

How To Increase The Time On Page Rate

Now let me share with you some ideas to raise this metric.

Good user experience

Make sure every page of your site is well structured, loads fast, is easily readable, and that the information flows, is coherent and relevant for your visitors. Consider that the site needs to provide users with a great experience on mobile devices too.

Good design

You only have just a few seconds to grab your target audience's attention, so maximize that opportunity. A clean, high end, simple design is always recommendable. Say goodbye to clutter, flashy images and tons of data. Review what you have in the above the fold area of your website and help users to focus on what is actually relevant.



Videos are one of the most effective, interactive and alluring types of content you can resort to. They're also highly memorable and shareable. Adding videos to your pages will help you boost user engagement and raise the average time on page rate. A good marketing video can increase your visitors' time on page rate by 2 minutes on average, and that's enough time to pass out your key message. Check out this cool animated marketing video. It quickly grabs the viewer's attention with a fun and catchy story.



High quality images

Images are an essential part of web design: they're very attractive, say a lot without saying a word, set the pace and establish the tone of your communication. Make sure you use high quality images and also optimize them for the web so that they don't affect the load time of your site.

Success stories

Adding some success stories or case studies can also help you increase your average time on page rate. We all love reading about how others succeeded in achieving their goals: we find it inspirational and motivational. This type of content is highly engaging and grabs your visitor's attention for more than just a few minutes.

Remember that you are aiming to increase the time on page rate and reduce the bounce rate. You don't have to redo your website from scratch; just start by implementing these tweaks and you'll see some great results.

Would you like to learn more about video analytics specifically? Then check out this article to learn how to start analyzing your video marketing metrics. In addition, analyze these 5 metrics you should be tracking to assess your video performance. Hands on deck!


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