Today we're going to talk about an explosive combination: video content + social media.

Specifically: explainer videos, these catchy and engaging clips that can quickly grab your viewer's attention in just a few minutes, and help you deliver your business idea in a highly alluring (and memorable!) way. Social media platforms are the other star: powerful communication channels in which everyone is spending their time on nowadays (call it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, or anything else). How can you get the most out of these two worlds? Optimizing your animated marketing videos for social media usage can be a good start! :)


Best Practices To Optimize Your Videos For Social Media

Yes, of course. We're passionate about what we do and that's why we love talking about explainer videos. But these killer tips can be applied no matter what type of marketing video you're developing! Optimizing your videos for social media is a must if you want to get maximum reach and exposure on such relevant (and particular) channels. Find some suggestions below…

#1: Video length

People are looking for brief and catchy content, so forget about a 10-minute video for social media. It may sound absurd, but trust me: many marketers still can't see that a long video will end up boring and shoo away their audience. And this is even more relevant in the social media logic. So, try to keep your video between 30 second and 5 minutes maximum. But of course, make sure you deliver the message you need! Keep it short and straightforward, but also coherent and compelling.

Tip: if your video is longer than this, don't panic! You can make mini-clips out of it to use in social media platforms! ;) Here are some valuable tips to stretch the usage of your explainer video.  

#2: Subtitles

You can add subtitles to your video in order to get to a wider audience. It's also important to boost your average video watching time. Keep in mind that many of these platforms offer the autoplay option, so many users will just watch the video without sound. By uploading the subtitles of your video you increase your chances to deliver the key messages you need! This process is usually very simple and fast, so consider doing it. Seriously!  

Tip: you can also consider enhancing your videos for autoplay! Discover what this feature is about and how you can use it for you Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos.

#3: Catchy elements

“Elements” include, basically, an attractive title, a compelling and detailed (but brief) description, an enticing thumbnail and an engaging introduction...and this is just to start! :) Being a little more specific: the title should express -in a very precise way- what the video is about. The description should summarize the content your viewers will find in it. The thumbnail needs to give a quick snapshot of the video, but from a visual point of view. Additionally, don't forget to make the very first few seconds of your video highly engaging so as to quickly grab your audience's attention.


Tip: not sure on how to use thumbnails for your video optimization strategy? Check out how you can make a GREAT video thumbnail here!

#4: Call To Action

This is another key element you can't omit. Take advantage of the last seconds of the video to include a strong Call To Action (CTA) that invites your viewers to take the next step. If you don't, how could they know what to do next? Having your lead in the palm of your hand is a huge chance you can't miss! Review these tips to fully understand how you can include CTAs in your explainer video.

#5: Native video hosting

If the social media platform offers you the possibility, you can host your video with their native video hosting platform. Native video seems to perform better when it comes to engagement and interaction, so consider it! You can also learn about other video hosting platforms such as Vimeo, Wistia or Vidyard.

Talking about social media platforms, we couldn't leave aside the giant YouTube, which also has some particular secrets regarding video SEO optimization. Learn how to optimize your YouTube video to get full advantage of being there!
See you in our next blog post!


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