Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-KALA-3-THUMBYou’ve thought about your business, you’ve decided you are ready to invest the time and effort on taking your marketing strategy to the next level and you’ve discovered that an animated explainer video can be just the right ally for this challenge.

Awesome, you’re almost ready to succeed! But before you go any further, make sure you’ll gain the most out of this experience. Here they are, our 5 star tips on making the most effective animated marketing video ever. Let’s get started!




People’s attention spans are getting shorter. Did you know the average attention span dropped by about a third from 2000 to 2015? (Statistic Brain)

At around 2 minutes of watching a video, there is a great amount of dropped views –people who stop watching (Statistic Brain). This means those precious users who could have become leads will abandon your site without following your call to action, which means… the reward for your marketing efforts!

You want to prevent this from happening, which is why we recommend that you try to make explainers video 90 seconds long, tops. This is more than enough time to convey your message, while keeping those precious viewers engaged and entertained.


You’re thinking 90 seconds is so little, right? You’ve got so much to tell… Well, it is actually a lot! There are even shorter animated marketing videos, ranging from 30 to 60 seconds, which are awesome nonetheless. Watch what we’re talking about here:


Knowing who to address is the first step towards planning a successful marketing strategy… and a very valuable insight for your explainer video as well!

Targeting is essential for conveying a powerful and moving message to the people who matter the most. The narrative, the script, the problem to solve, character design and even the overall aesthetics of your video should be inspired with your target audience in mind.

Would you sell a mixer the same way to a traditional, caring housewife than to a business-oriented, practical office worker? Of course not! Different strategies appeal to different audiences, which is why making the cut is essential. Always remember, if you’re talking to everyone… you’re talking to no one.


See in this animated marketing video how every tiny detail was customized to reach its most beloved viewers: music fans in the neighborhood! This video was selected by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos on the web:



Sometimes we just love the idea of something, but when the perplexing “why” is asked, it is hard for us to tell.

You may want to attract visitors to your website, convince your product or service is the best option, create the perfect video to share on social media or maybe you want to educate your audience on a particular subject to save time on future sales; that’s a valid objective too!

Establishing a goal is important as it will give you extremely valuable clues on how to approach the video production process: it will help you decide if you want to make it shorter or maybe longer, have a funnier or more serious approach and so on.



If you want to know how establishing aims can help you, watch this video we made with the distinct purpose of educating viewers about explainer video styles (it can help you decide, too!). Thanks to it and a careful SEO strategy, we managed to rank number 1 on YouTube.

This video is watched by around 300 viewers a day, which means we have hundreds of new site visitors per month because of it! Do you want to know how we managed to achieve it? Download our free book How to Rank #1 in YouTube to discover the secrets behind the magic!



Get recognition as soon as your viewers hit the play button! Designing and illustrating your video with your brand’s color palette will help incite brand awareness from minute zero all through the end. This means a minute or so of constant exposure to your brand’s visual identity!

Helping people recognize your business will also mean they will remember it. Have you ever had the chance to watch a soda commercial but, before you could actually see the soda can or even the logo, you still knew which brand it was made for? An important role in this kind of recognition is played by colors!


See how Direct Surety hit the nail in their animated video, communicating not only with catching narrative, but also through the use of its color palette. Compare the blues and oranges to the ones in their website: http://www.directsurety.com/














































Keep in mind your marketing video will represent your brand and your business. Having an unclear or unattractive video is like an old website or an ugly logo, it will portray your business as untidy and not so serious… not trustworthy at all!

Videos have pre-production, production and post-production processes, and each involves specific professionals. Making an animated video is a complex task, which can be very fun if you’re experiencing it with the help of creative and expert video gurus, but pretty frustrating if you try to make it yourself and the results don’t match your expectations.

If you’re serious about making your next marketing video, we recommend that you read our free eBook on How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for your Business. It’s all about decisions!


As you can see, there are some quirks to having the right video, but fear not, you marketing maniac! Video marketing is a really reliable investment.  ROI rates are high (Reelseo), which means a great video will help you save thousands on advertising.

Also, a great marketing video can optimize conversions, which translates to more results with less efforts. And less efforts mean more time for you to focus on growing other aspects of your business… or taking some nice holidays, why not!


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