Online marketing is constantly evolving. The days of the old marketing methods (buying ads, paying for leads and email lists...) are over.

Today, we focus on creating quality content, we focus on inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing works by earning your audience’s attention, using great quality content that aligns with the needs and interests of both your brand and your leads to naturally attract people to your products.


This is all about using marketing to attract potential customers to you, instead of going out there and fighting for their attention -- to achieve this you must have content that’s of great quality, interesting, engaging, entertaining… and this is why you must consider using video for your inbound marketing strategy.

But, do you know where to start? Let me give you 5 tips to create the best video content for your strategy!

#1: Know your target audience

Before you even start, you need to determine the base of your whole strategy: who is your target audience? Inbound marketing is based on creating the best content to attract the right kind of leads, so you need to know exactly who your ideal leads are: your ideal personas. What do they want, what are they interested in?

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#2: Understand the pain points of your audience in each stage of the buyer’s journey

When you create video content for your inbound marketing strategy, you have to understand what the pain points of your audience are, and how to offer the best solution to them.

They need to solve their problems and they will find you during that process, so, understanding the pain points of your audience in each stage of the buyer’s journey will help you create the best content to attract leads to your site: delivering them the content that they are searching for.


#3: Map out your buyer’s journey

Planning your video marketing strategy means designing step by step the journey your leads will take, from the beginning (the awareness stage) to the end (successfully buying your product or service, the decision stage). You need to map that journey beforehand, so you can deliver the best type of video for each moment of it.


#4: Know which type of video to use in every stage

There are hundreds of video styles and types, but not all of them work for every stage.

When planning your strategy, you need to know at which stage you will be placing your specific videos in, and what kind of videos work better for each particular stage of your buyer’s journey.

Basically, during the awareness stage you have to make a great first impression, so you deliver interesting content that speaks to your audience’s pain points, for example, branded content and how-to videos (that answer specific questions they might be having).

During the consideration stage you’re letting your leads know how you’re better than the other options they might be looking at, so it’s a good idea to use explainer videos.

Finally, in the decision stage, you’re helping them take the final step in choosing you, so it’s great to go for video testimonials, and also behind-the-scene videos, to show them how the magic is done.

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#5: Produce personalized, quality videos

Producing quality video content has to be the base of your entire strategy. If you don’t have a good quality video, your whole strategy will lose credibility, and you cannot let that happen!

Also, by knowing your buyer’s personas (what we talked about at the beginning) you know how to personalize your content for them. Do it, as it feels authentic and creates engagement: an engaged and happy lead is a future happy customer. And if you feel like you can use some help in creating premium quality videos for your inbound marketing strategy, ask ahead!


Do you want to know how to continue working on your video strategy, and how to boost your strategy using explainer videos? Check out this free infographic!

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