A digital marketing strategy is like sailing in the ocean.

Do you want to make a video to make more money? Are you sure? What makes you so confident that your video will generate a ROI so important as to let you regain your investment and see a profit? I know, there are a zillion statistics out there that prove that video content is the best thing that could happen to your content strategy, and we quote them often too. And doing so can be a brilliant move for your business indeed. Just don’t let yourself be carried out by an excessively optimistic attitude, and acknowledge the fact that your success won’t simply happen because of a video.


Video marketing is a magnificent tool, and it can work wonders for your company, if you just use it the way you should. To do so, there are a several aspects related to your larger strategy, that you need to consider before starting to produce your footage. Once you have them right, you can start to produce a video that will bring you the results you want.

#1: Your campaign’s objective

If you are bored and you decide you want to read something, you probably won’t go for The Theory of Relativity, by Albert Einstein. You will most likely look for a novel. There are different kinds of texts, and we choose them depending on the needs we have of being entertained, informed, or any other reason. Why would video be any different?

Each video format is meant to tackle a determined kind of goal. Explainer Videos are supposed to inform people about your product, Brand Videos were conceived to present your company and its values to your audience. There are many formats, and they all respond to a certain content need, so before you start with your own, figure out which type will suit you better.

#2: Who is your audience

You should research your audience extensively. Anything that helps you understand their minds can be useful at some point, but eventually, you will want to know certain particular information. For example, it’s fundamental to understand their pain points, the problems they have that make them look for a solution that can be your product. Making a general profile, that includes age, sex, country, language, values, habits, and any other traits that can help you create a video they can feel identificated with. It’s also necessary to know where they live online: if your content is to find them on the web, you will need to know on which sites that can actually happen on.

#3: How is your prospect’s buyer’s journey?

The buyer’s journey has 3 stages. In the first -the Awareness Stage-, prospects realize something is wrong, and they look for information about what it is. Eventually they understand the problem, so they start looking for different solutions -this is called the Consideration Stage-. In the end, they must make a decision, and they search for information that helps them to do that -Decision Stage-.

If you want to use this knowledge to your advantage, you need to know the specific process of your clients. What are the pain points that trigger the Awareness Stage? Which choices do they have, what’s different among them, what traits do the prospects value better? Which ones are more determinant in the final decision? Using this information will lead you to produce a more relevant and effective video.

#4: Channels

The goal here is to be where the prospect is, in the right moment with the right content. You need to know which websites they use to spend their time on, so you can find them there, and the site shouldn’t be inappropriate for the message and the tone you want to use there. The buyer’s journey stages are relevant here as well: for example, you probably won´t post a video created for the Awareness Stage on the homepage of your site, but on a video hosting site that has good SEO and allows you to embed and share the video on the social networks of your prospect’s choice. The context of the video will be relevant to consider as well.

#5: Statistics

Many things can make a difference on what will be relevant to measure in your campaign. The campaign’s goal will be your first key here: if you are raising awareness for your new brand,  a good number of views will be very important for you. If you are trying to boost your e-shop’s performance, your main concern will probably be the percentage of conversions of each medium you use. Make sure you set your analytics tools right to measure your KPIs before you launch your video.

Video requires several conditions to eventually deliver a marketing result. But once it’s set, it can really make a difference. Feel free to learn about it with this free ebook on How to improve your marketing campaign with an explainer video, and get motivated to get the hard -and profitable- work started.







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