Your video can be a masterpiece, but if it's not focused on your target audience it will all be in vain.

Believe me. Today we're going to share with you some useful tips to identify the right target audience for your explainer video so you can maximize its effectiveness. Join us!


The Importance Of Defining Your Audience

Delivering your message to the right target audience, at the right time and through the right channels is what will make it worth it. You really need to gather as much information as possible about your prospects. This will help you in many ways:

  • Knowing them in depth helps you create video content that meets their needs and this will encourage them to take the next step.
  • You can persuade them by developing a video that has the right personality and style.
  • Ultimately, this way you will be able to increase conversions and sales!

Identifying Your Target Audience

Let's start by doing some introspection. Here we go with our first 3 tips:

#1: Define your product

This is the first key step: grab your business plan and start to analyze the product or service you offer and what the purpose of what you sell is. You really need to have a clear idea on why your product exists, what problems it solves and how it differentiates from the competition. With this accomplished, you will be able to understand who will benefit from acquiring your product. Here is a gold tip: put on your customer's shoes. Don't think about your ideal customer but who is actually looking for the product you offer.

#2: Identify your current customers

This is a useful resource to understand who your target audience is. If you're not sure about who your customers are, ask your internal teams: you can resort to some of your company's executives, your sales team or your customer support teams. They will all provide you with valuable insights about who is buying your product and why.


#3: Analyze your competition

You really need to analyze your competitors strengths and weaknesses so that you can stand out from them. Of course, at this point you might be aware of who your obvious competitors are, but try to dig a little bit deeper and do a quick search in search engines and social media platforms (especially Facebook and Twitter) and try to find some other competitors you haven't discovered yet. Analyze how they connect with their audience, what they offer, and how they define themselves and their product.

And after some self-examination, now let's put the eyes on your target audience specifically. Implement these tips!

#4: Research specific data about your target audience

In order to provide your target audience with useful and valuable content, you need to have a clear idea of your customer profile. To get to this point you can analyze some specific data such as:

  • Demographics: analyze information such as age, gender, ethnic background, marital status, occupation, education level, and any other insights that might be helpful.
  • Psychographics: try to understand their interests, opinions, hobbies, behaviours, attitudes, emotions, needs, problems, likes and dislikes, and more.
  • Geographics: you can also divide your audience by geographical location: countries, states, counties, cities, communities, etc. Here, the most important thing is that you understand if there are any specific cultural needs and how you can approach them.

#5: Understand behavioural patterns

It's also important that you analyze specific behavioral patterns your target audience might have. Try to fully understand their attitudes, uses and buying habits to the product you offer. Analyze factors such as the influences they have when purchasing your product, how loyal they are to your brand, what their level of usage is, which main benefits they perceive from your product, and any other valuable data.

With all this information you will then be able to identify the right audience that should be the focus of your brand new explainer video. Remember that this is crucial to help them connect their needs to the product you offer, by accessing relevant and useful video content.

Finally, don't miss this video in which we give you the big picture on how you can create valuable content to engage your target audience during every stage of the buyer's journey.

Good luck!


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