Animated_explainer_video_ROIYou might be driving traffic to your site, but if visitors don't convert then everything's worthless. Plus, a good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales. Today we're going to give you some tips to increase your website's conversion rates. Keep these 5 elements in mind and you´ll certainly see great results…



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Make the layout of your website simple, clear, user-friendly and intuitive. Make it easy for visitors to understand the information you´re giving and navigate the site. Have in mind that your website is, in a way, like your business card…and the first impression can create a good or bad relationship. So, basically, keep the layout simple, professional and memorable; make sure that the site loads quickly, use wise landing pages that are aimed at converting, include a search box, make sure that ads are not intrusive and disturbing…and this will be a good start. 


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Animated marketing videos are a great marketing tool that can help you boost your conversion rates by 20% on average. But not only this; they also help you increase your sales, boost your online visibility, enhance brand awareness and foster your SEO efforts, all this in a very cost-effective way and assuring a great ROI. This is because animated explainer videos have the ability to explain your business idea in just a few seconds, grabbing your target audience´s attention instantly by generating a strong identification with the story you´re telling, and cultivating interest and trust towards your product. The key here is picking up the right animated explainer video style for your business. Check out this tutorial to learn more:



Content is king. By providing your visitors with valuable, compelling and interesting content, you will trigger their curiosity and interest, and more: you can even turn into a reference for your niche. There are several resources you can leverage: whitepapers, eBooks, slides, newsletters, infographics, tutorials, podcasts and much more. The point here is to really understand your audience so that you can define which information you should offer and in which format. And, of course, find the right channels to disseminate that information and make it easy to find. Working on a thorough content marketing strategy will certainly help you boost your conversion rates. 


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People tend to trust their peers and third parties more than in your own voice, the one who´s talking to them and saying “hey…look how great my product is!”. It´s like they need some kind of “proof” of what you´re saying and they want to see the evidence coming from others. So, every time it´s possible, try to include in your page; customer testimonials, case studies, third parties´ reviews, press clippings, results of studies and research that mentions your product, and any other “social proof”. All of these elements increase your credibility, generate trust and work as unbiased evidence of how good you are at what you do. 


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If a prospect comes to your page and does not find the information or solution he´s looking for, he´ll be dropping out of the sales funnel and will never return. Giving  professional and solid customer support is a must to win that prospect. Always respond to e-mails and website inquiries in a timely manner. Also provide phone support, and include a live chat in your website. This is a great resource since visitors don´t need to waste time sending an e-mail or making a phone call: the answer is just a “click” away from them. Customer support needs to be fast and efficient: providing solutions to your prospects will translate into more conversions and sales. 


Startup video production for "APPIER" by Yum Yum Videos

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