Are you ready to use video and inbound marketing to boost your sales?  I’m sure you are, because you already know that video and inbound marketing are a match made in heaven.

But, you know, it’s not enough to just use them: you have to know how to use them effectively.  Inbound marketing is, basically, sharing quality content with the world to attract qualified customers, so your videos must always be on point!



Because of this, let me share with you 5 tips that will help you in this adventure that is creating inbound marketing videos.

#1 Choose the right kind of video

If your goal is to close sales with inbound marketing videos, then you must focus on creating great content for the decision stage of your buyer’s journey.

During this decision stage, you must give your prospects enough confidence and trust so they will choose your product or service. How can you do that? Choose the right kind of video for this stage of the funnel!

You can use:

  • Case studies
  • Review videos
  • Video testimonials
  • FAQs and about us videos

Pro Tip: Animated explainer videos are fantastic for these types of content. Especially for About Us and FAQs, because they’re great for explaining difficult concepts in a fun and easy way.

#2 Include your best brand differentiators

You know, the big, shining brands out there are not the ones that play it safe or do what everybody else is doing. If you want your brand to stand out, it must be built with layers of authenticity, that sets it apart because of its quirks!

It’s important that these quirks, the differentiators of your brand, stand out in all your messages, because this is what will attract your ideal customers (and boost your sales!)

Don’t be shy: highlight your differentiators, and brag about it!

#3 Treat your client’s pain points

Always remember your client’s pain points. Your prospects came to you because they have a problem, and you exist to save the day! Your reason to exist is to help them.

Include this in your videos. An interesting tip: Try to translate your brand differentiators into the real solutions for your customer’s pain points.


#4 Follow your brand’s guidelines

Guidelines exist for a reason: you use them to send information to the world that is consistent with the spirit of your brand, sending the right messages. Be sure that your team knows these guidelines: When you’re creating video content (like the rest of your marketing content!) it needs to be reflective of your brand.

This means knowing the tone of your videos (is it serious, is it funny?), use of colors, logos, music and sounds… The list goes on and on. You could even prepare a template for your videos, so they will always be consistent!

#5 Include a call to action!

Don’t forget to include a call to action in your videos. It usually goes at the end (they’re already charmed by your content, so they are more receptive to find out more about it).

Make the action easy to follow, this means including the links in a place where your users can easily find them.

Your prospects have made it all the way through the journey, now all they need is a friendly push in the right direction!

Follow these tips and you’ll be increasing sales with your inbound marketing videos in no time. Would you like to know more? You can learn about video marketing with our Video Marketing Resources, or keep surfing our blog for more information!


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