Once you have your prospect there, in the palm of your hand, how can you lead them in the direction you want? We'll guide you by sharing 5 killer tips to increase your website's conversion rate. Keep on reading!


Conversion Rate: The Basics

In marketing we talk about conversion rates all the time. What is a conversion rate? Basically, it's the percentage of prospects who take a specific action in the direction you want. “Specific action” could imply filling out a form, subscribing to your newsletter or to your blog updates, purchasing a product, downloading an ebook, or anything else.

Let me show you some simple formulas to calculate your website’s conversion rate.

If case you want to measure lead generation, follow this one:

Number of Leads Collected / Total Traffic to Site x 100 = Conversion Rate

If you want to measure sales specifically, resort to this formula:

Number of Sales / Number of Visitors x 100 = Conversion Rate

As you can imagine, the number you get as your conversion rate can be optimized, by making some simple tweaks to your website (and, of course, always keeping in mind the user experience and the overall usability of the site). We'll take care of that in the next few paragraphs ;)

5 Tactics To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

These tips are a good start, but of course you can always reach out for more!

Offer a simple website layout

Less is more. When visitors arrive to your site, they have to quickly find the information they're looking for. Your website's layout has to be clear, intuitive and provide a great user experience. Avoid overwhelming your visitors with confusing and useless information, flashy graphics, or annoying ads.


Leverage the power of explainer videos

In case you don't know it, animated marketing videos are a highly valuable resource when it comes to boosting conversion rates. Just as a reference, by embedding a marketing video above the fold in your home page you can increase conversion rates by 20%. Not bad, right? But hey, keep this in mind: make sure you choose the right explainer video style for your business. Watch this brief tutorial to learn more:

Simplify the conversion process

Make it easy for your prospects to convert. Guide them through every step of the funnel. Make the conversion process simple and intuitive. This is: if you're trying to get a lead, ask for as little information as possible. If you're trying to sell a product, make the buying process as streamlined as possible (guide your visitors, don't give them too many options to choose from, ask for a minimal amount of data, offer different payment methods, and free shipping and delivery, just as a few examples).

Add testimonials and reviews

Third-party endorsements from customers, such as testimonials, reviews, case studies, etc. work really well to build confidence and trust among your prospects and encourage them to take that next step. Other types of testimonials, from any kind of authority, such as industry influencers, journalists, bloggers, publishers, etc, can also work very well.

Use compelling Call To Actions (CTAs)

A Call To Action has to be straightforward and compelling, so be sure to use catchy colors and strong verbs. Also, make sure that is clearly visible to your visitors! The CTA is a very important element that, if used properly, should boost your conversion rate.

As complementary information, we recommend that you go over this article in which we show you how to use Call To Actions in your marketing videos.

Have you already tried any of these tactics? Which one has worked best in your case? Share your thoughts with us!


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