As you might already know, video content is killing it right now.

Just to state the facts: social video creates more than 1,200% more shares than text and images and it can even drive up to a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.


As such, you might be thinking to dive deeper into the amazing world of video content. Whether you already have your own marketing videos or not, these five tips will help you to make the most out of your audiovisual content. What Google loves, the internet knows!

#1: Video content must be useful to your viewers

So you’ve decided that you want a video. What is it you are going to communicate through it? Your marketing objective must be backed-up by a clear and thorough message. You might offer your viewers a solution to a problem they’ve been tackling, show them relevant information or educate them about a situation. Whatever it is, put yourself in your target’s shoes and think about what they would want to know.

As you can see, Nybytt knew how to do just that with their own explainer video:

#2: Take the time to enhance your metadata

If your video is a rocket ship, your metadata is the fuel that will take it to the stars! Feed it with the best stuff out there: for starters, you need to discover what the most relevant keywords for your business are.

Once you have them listed, do the magic!:

  • Be sure your video title contains at least two of your most important keywords
  • Include a nice, rich video description with your keywords in it.
  • Tag, tag, tag your video.

This can be done in YouTube or any platform you upload your video to, but also on your own website.

See how our Fraudlogix’s video on YouTube has all the relevant information included. As you can see, “explainer video” is a really important keyword for us:

Yummy Tip: You can even add hidden tags in the HTML code of your video landing pages!

#3: Surrender yourself to the wonders of closed captions and transcriptions

Did you know that a study found that YouTube videos with closed captions were viewed more? Not only you are aiding people to see your video when they can’t enable sound or are hearing impaired, you are also helping your video! Search engines rely on written words, so closed captions are key for indexing.

In relation to transcriptions, they can help you rank better on Google as well. For the best results, you can add video transcriptions directly to the HTML of each of the pages where your videos are hosted. This will provide search engines more of the keywords they need to index your stuff!

#4: Remember: if you host yourself, you can be the king

“My website, my rules!”

Ah, remember the days when websites were everything? That little planet where we could decide on the structure, the navigation flow and so much more… well, it is still key for your SEO strategy! Take advantage of the freedom your website grants by creating a dedicated video section on it.

You can make a user-friendly video resource center and organize it with categories and tags, so that users can find just what you’re looking for in an easy way. Google will know.

stitcher ads motion graphics explainer video.jpg

Yummy Tip: If you have a separate landing page for each video, search engines will index each one individually. That’s a win!

#5: But don’t forget the power of social media!

People are into social media. Did you know that 78% percent of the USA population has a social media account? And with YouTube, it is all about people discovering videos, which makes it the ultimate awareness channel for your audiovisual content.

If you are sharing your videos on social networks, why don’t you let others do the same? Be sure to enable the embedding and sharing options for everybody. It they do so, you are actually increasing the potential for more inbound links to your own website: a definite SEO boost.

For us, YouTube is a really important resource. See how we have a dedicated and organized channel so that viewers can easily watch our content.


You can learn much more about how to rank videos in YouTube in our free resource. Yes, we love to spread the love. ☺

As you can see, “all we are saying is give video a chance!” Not only should your video content be relevant to people, but it also needs to be adequately published and shared for you to get the most out of it. If you want to know more about SEO, learn how videos can actually improve your overall SEO and much more by entering our dedicated blog topic. See you around!

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