Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-TYPEWRITER-thumbWhen a company chooses an animated explainer video as one of their marketing tools, their main goal with it is to increase sales. But this could only be possible if the video is well made. For this to happen, we need not only to have the best animation, but also a great script!


In order to achieve this, it’s important to always have the target in mind. We must also take into account that the script is the essence of any marketing video, so a good one will surely lead you to a great final marketing result.

We always recommend marketing video scripts to be written by professional scriptwriters, but this post is useful whether you hire an explainer video company or if you prefer to do it yourself.

Now you must be asking yourself how you could write a great script for your video. To get the answer keep on reading, because we’ll give you five tips to help out!


1. Think in your target audience’s language

We know that what you want is to attract lots of customers; we’re clear on that.

To do that you need to talk directly to them, so -when writing- focus mainly on the audience’s problems and on how you’ll solve those issues.

Also, make sure the characters in your video clearly represent your target audience; this way it will be easier to create an emotional bond between the viewer and your brand

Only after you achieve all of this, you can start to introduce your product or service and begin to be more of a seller. But remember this: the audience is always first.


2. The perfect timing

A great animated video script should be short enough so not to bore the audience and long enough to deliver your business idea.


To measure the right time, have in count that one minute of video is around 160 written words, if -of course- those words are read at the right speed, neither slower or faster, by the voice over professional.

In our experience, after making hundreds of animated marketing videos, we believe that 90 seconds is the perfect timing, which in paper, translates to around 240 words.

This should be more than enough time to introduce what the problem is, explain how your product can solve it and say why your company should be chosen among the competition.


3. The classic script structure

A great explainer video script is written with a 3-act structure, similar to Hollywood movies. They all have a beginning, middle and end, but in our case we prefer to add a little twist to the classical structure to suit the marketing video needs.


- Beginning or “What”: Here you explain what your audience’s problem is. In this part, the focus should be set on the target audience alone. Don’t name or show your brand yet, you’ll have plenty of time for that in the next two acts.

- Middle or “How”: It’s time to be the savior of the day! In this stage you tell the viewers how your company solves their problem. This part usually begins when you show your logo or mention your brand name for the first time.

- End or “Why”: Ok, so your audience knows that you can solve their problem, but why should they choose your company among others is the next thing you need to tell them. Use this act to explain your product’s features and also to say why your solution is better than the competition’s.

Can you spot these three acts in this cute animated video of ours?

Bear in mind that sometimes the How and the Why have the same answer. If this happens to you, don’t worry because this is more common than you think; just try not to describe your product’s features immediately and always highlight in the script that the client is always first, and not your brand.


4. Keep it simple

Remember that the perfect length for any explainer video is around 90 seconds; this is why you have to keep the message as simple as you can.

Don’t try to explain absolutely everything, instead, get straight to the point and only say what is truly important. Later on have in count that -once the viewer has chosen your company- you’ll have plenty of time to explain even the smallest details.


5. Add a call-to-action

The last thing you have to add to your script is a clear call-to-action.


Your audience already knows you are the solution to their problem and that -among the competition- you are the best option, but to actually turn them into your customers, you have to go further.

Be clear on what the next step is and ask them to purchase your product or to share the video online. This way, you’ll clear your marketing objectives faster and more effectively.


If you follow these 5 simple tips, you will -for sure- be able to write a great script for your next animated marketing video!

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