Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-DISAPPOINTMENT-STATUE-thumbAnimated explainer videos are highly engaging marketing tools. Using the assets of animation and sound, they can explain any kind of product or service in a matter of seconds while telling wonderful stories. But hey, they do not all work that well every time.


There are a few of those videos that will screw up your online campaign and definitely won’t turn your visitors into customers! You should know them, detect them and avoid them.

Now grab your notebook and write down some warning notes, because here are the 5 types of explainer video that won’t work:


1. The Complicated One


A marketing video should be useful, valuable and simple for your target audience. So don’t over complicate things! It’s no use trying to describe every single one of your product or service’s features, benefits and goodies in a video; because the very essence of these videos is that they’re simple and easy to watch.

Just place the necessary information in order to engage your audience. Make them understand that your brand can help to solve their problem, but leave the specific details aside.


2. The Self-Centered One


A good animated video should focus on the main problems of the target audience and then explain how the product or service could help to solve them. Therefore, the branding part of the video (the product’s features, the company’s benefits, etc.) must always be the secondary part of it. Leave it for the last minutes or give it a couple of seconds in the middle, but don’t make your brand the only star of your video.


3. The Boring One


Animated marketing videos should be short and simple but also entertaining for the audience. And they have a great marketing advantage to help you with that: they use storytelling! By telling catchy stories and applying fun metaphors instead of dull information to describe a complex service, they explain things easily and make it way more entertaining for the viewer.


4. The Bad One


Less than 10 years ago, when the first animated marketing videos appeared online, no one cared about good quality because there were only a few of them around and simply watching any kind of animated video was a big thing. Nowadays you can’t allow your videos to be lousy; they need to be well-crafted in order to stand out amongst millions. Your video needs to have top animation quality, clear and professional sound, and aim to the right target audience in order to convert.

Bear in mind that your animated video represents your brand, so you need to make a good one or you could damage your brand’s image. Therefore, it’s always helpful to invest in a pro video production company: perhaps the video production is more expensive that way, but eventually the return over your investment will be larger than with a non-professional one, increasing sales and conversions like crazy.


5. The Aimless One


A good marketing video needs a clear and compelling call-to-action at the end to make viewers act after watching it. Whether it’s downloading a new app, subscribing to a newsletter, sharing on social media or purchasing the offered product/service, the ultimate marketing video’s purpose is to convert, so -at the end of your video- invite and encourage your potential customers to do what you need them to do. Don’t let them lose attention!

Oh, and don’t forget to place attractive call-to-action buttons right next to your video on your website or landing page for them to click immediately after watching.


Are we clear? Stay away of these 5 types of explainer video when making your own!

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