Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-One-Stop-For-Writers-1-THUMBDeveloping an animated marketing video requires a talented team of professionals, and a mix of hard work, focus and creativity. Choosing the explainer video production vendor to help you out on this matter is a key decision during the process.
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When creating an animated marketing video, the script plays a key role in achieving the results you´re looking for (among many other aspects, of course). Today we´ll focus on 5 typical mistakes that could ruin your video script and we´ll give you some useful tips on how to avoid them.




You want your video to be appealing and entertaining, right? So don´t make it too long! 2 minutes is enough time to explain your business idea in a simple, fast and catchy way. Have in mind that many studies confirm that 30-second videos are watched all the way through by 85% of the audience, but 2-minute videos are watched by just 50% of them. This means videos that are longer than 2 minutes undergo a drastic drop in views. Consequently… we recommend that your video is no more than 90 seconds in length. Have this in mind.

See this great example of an animated marketing video of 90 seconds:


If you want to grab your potential customer´s attention, give them what they’re looking for. Show them that you really understand their problems, that you truly care for them and that you know how to help them out. How can you do this? Craft the designs of your characters, backgrounds and landscapes by having in mind the audience you´re aiming to. This way you´ll generate strong identification with the story and a deep emotional bond with your brand. But there´s more: they´ll certainly remember your video after watching it and they´ll become your brand ambassadors, spreading your voice and talking about all the great things that your product can do for them and others.  




Sticking to the basic explainer video script structure is highly recommended if you want your video to be coherent, compelling and memorable. Always try to observe the 3 main acts every story should have: start with the “what” of your video (what´s the problem your company solves?), continue with the “how” (how does your company solve that problem?) and end with the “why” (why are you the best option when compared to your competition?). Conversely, if you follow your own “free-style” structure, you run the risk of making your video confusing, awkward and incoherent.


Animated video production for "Tellwise"


Another common mistake is focusing your video on telling your audience how great your brand is, instead of talking about a specific problem your audience might have and how YOU can solve it. Such a shame! People get easily bored with this kind of salesy video, they lose interest and don´t hesitate in choosing a better option that can put themselves in their shoes. ALWAYS try to focus your video on your target audience and not on your brand´s features. It´s not time to talk about you, but to talk about them!




Improvising things is not the best option if you want your video to really captivate your audience. Instead, it´s much better carrying out some research about how you can write a good script and, beyond, how you can get the most out of videos: if you want to do it, do it right. Go all out! If you make the right choices, you can achieve amazing results in a short period of time. A professional and talented explainer video production team would be crucial, of course. But there are many other aspects that you should consider. Check out this free eBook in which we give you useful tips on how to write a script for a marketing video.


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