Developing a marketing video as part of your content strategy is not just a trend.

It should be a key step in your plan to raise brand awareness, reinforce your SEO efforts, build loyalty among your current customers, and gain more prospects, among many other benefits.


Did you know that marketing videos, if used strategically, can help you boost your conversion rates radically? Check out these 5 outstanding stats and learn how you can use this fabulous resource to generate more leads.

5 Key Video Stats To Keep In Mind

This data we're presenting in this blog post has been recently published by Hubspot, one of the most popular inbound marketing and sales platforms, based on some studies carried out by Wistia, one of the leading video hosting platforms. Take a few minutes to go over these interesting stats and analyze how you can use this information in your favour in order to increase your conversion rates.

#1: Using a custom thumbnail can increase your play rate by 34%

Of course, you want your prospects to click on the Play button and get immersed in what you have to say. You can encourage them to take this key step by using a customized and attractive thumbnail that can give them a general idea of what they'll find in the video, while it catches their attention and interest. Using thumbnails wisely can increase your play rate radically!


Tip: would you like to learn what makes a good thumbnail? Understand the importance of video thumbnails and which tweaks you should make to make them highly effective.

#2: A custom player color that represents your brand increases your video's play rate by a full 19%.

Using the right colors in the video player are a key step to reinforce your brand's identity and deliver a coherent message to your audience. But there's more to it than this: it can also help you increase your video's play rate. In this context, there are some video hosting sites that offer great flexibility to fully adapt the video player to your brand's colors.

#3: Videos that are up to one minute long have a70% play rate on average

You already know that people have very short attention spans, so you have to provide them with brief (but valuable) video content. If you do so, you can increase your play rate. And, what's even better: keeping your video under two minutes long will hold your engagement rate above 65%. Not bad, right?

Tip: video content is one of the most engaging types of marketing content. Take advantage of that! Go over this article and learn why video engages people more than other media.

#4: CTAs in the middle of the video have conversion rates of 16.95%

This means that, if compared to CTAs placed at the end of the video (which have conversion rates of 10.98%), placing them during the video can make a difference. No matter if you use an annotation or a lead generation form, always remember to keep it short, clear and compelling. We suggest that you go over this blog post in which we share useful tips to include CTAs in your marketing video.


#5: Lead nurturing

Using a video thumbnail with a play button in an email, instead of a plain image, can generate a 300% lift in CTRs. Video can also be a great resource to keep connected to those prospects who have already shown some kind of interest towards your offer (which is called “lead nurturing”). And, in this sense, making use of video in onboarding lead nurturing campaigns can help you increase your click through rates like crazy: 300%!

Also, explainer videos in particular have some unique characteristics that make them perfect to increase conversion rates. You can keep on surfing our blog to learn more about the great benefits animated marketing videos have!

Source: Hubspot

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