Video content is a powerful tool that can drive great results in each stage of the buyer's journey.

Not sure about what we're talking about? Join us in this blog post and learn which types of video you can use to enhance your inbound marketing efforts!


Inbound Marketing: The Basics

We know how important it is to set up a wise inbound marketing strategy! I'm sure you, as a marketer, are squeezing your brain to see how you can strategically provide your leads with the right information they're looking for, so as to place your brand as a referent in your niche and encourage them (in a subtle way, of course) to choose your product when the “purchase decision” comes onto the scene.

In this context, you must be looking for some helpful content like this video. In it we explain - in a very concise way- what inbound marketing is and the 3 main stages of the sales funnel. Check it out!



5 Videos That Are a MUST For Your Buyer's Journey

And how can you use video content to attract, educate and persuade your leads in each of these stages? These 5 types of videos have to be part of your inbound marketing strategy!  

Educational Videos

Perfect for: the awareness stage. If your prospect is looking for some valuable information to put their problem into context, what could be better than educating them? (in other words, being helpful). Teach them and train them about the problem they have. You can think about making a FAQ video, an interview with a leader of your company or niche, or anything that educates them about a specific topic in which you have a solid background in.

At Yum Yum we have developed this video that talks about a common doubt many marketers have:




Explainer Videos

Perfect for: the consideration stage. But they can also be used in the other two stages though! ;) Talking about the consideration stage specifically, explainer videos are a great fit, since they give you the chance to explain, in a matter of seconds, who you are, how you can help your prospects and why your product is the best alternative in your niche. They combine cute animations, attractive visuals and great storytelling techniques to connect emotionally with your viewers and help you stand out from the competition in such a decisive stage. Check out this example in which this brand explains its business idea in just 90 seconds!


Process Videos / Product Videos

Perfect for: the consideration stage. Just like animated marketing videos can become the best pitch to deliver your business idea, a process video (or a product video), can also help you gain a special place in your prospect's minds. Talk about how you work, the main features of your product, or some specific methodology or process about your product or company and you'll be gaining points! Prospects will really appreciate valuable information that help them make a decision.

Testimonial Videos

Perfect for: the decision stage. Keep in mind that people tend to pay a lot of attention to what other people say - especially if they are their peers. But some other third-party endorsements are also welcome! Consider developing a case study, a success story, or any kind of testimonial (from other clients, from a key influencer, or from anyone who has benefited from using your product) and take advantage of that to persuade your prospects to pick you!

At Yum Yum we have also developed some testimonials. Watch this example:



Tip: don't skip these recommendations to create a stunning testimonial video that converts! ;)

About Us Videos

Perfect for: the decision stage. Showing your prospects how you work, what you do, who your executives and employees are, will help you create a stronger bond with them. This is what you need in such a critical stage: providing them with useful information that drives them in the direction you want. And hey, if you can set up an emotional bond with your viewers, even better! Learn more about the power of emotions in video marketing ;)

And now, some complementary information: get some killer tips to produce the perfect video content for your inbound marketing strategy!


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