Explainer videos can be used in many different ways to enhance your marketing and communication efforts.

As they are highly persuasive, compelling and have a huge educational power, you can use them to strengthen the bond and increase the engagement with both external and internal audiences. Join us in this article and learn how you can make use of this effective tool to meet your marketing and communication goals.



Explainer Videos - What For?

Animated marketing videos are generally used in digital marketing strategies: they're a powerful resource that can be used in the consideration stage of the buyer's journey, in order to persuade your potential customers about the great key differentiators your brand / product has and why they should consider it as part of the alternatives they're evaluating before making their final choice in the decision stage.

Tip: not sure about what each stage of the buyer's journey involves? Review the 3 main stages here!

Of course, there are many different styles: some of them fit better with some specific product / services, target audiences, and marketing goals. 


Ultimately, what you have to know is that, despite the general use of this interesting tool, these videos can be used in many different ways, by making some specific twists in the script and the structure, in order to support your communication goals. And here we are to share with you some useful ideas on how you can use them!

Leveraging Explainer Videos To Support Your Communication Goals

Review this list, evaluate if you feel identified with any of the points below and consider developing an animated marketing video to strengthen your communication process.

#1: Communicate internal processes

Explainer videos are a very useful tool for internal communications. Did you ever feel that you needed an engaging, attractive but also educative communication resource that could help you deliver a specific internal process or policy? They are a great alternative to train your team. 


#2: Explain complex processes

It's also feasible that you need to pass out some specific complex information (numbers, stats, an intricate process) and want to find a tool that can make that information more digestible, engaging and easy to understand then you should try using an marketing video!


#3: Generate interest in a product or service

You know that you have strong competitors out there, and you're looking for a tool that can explain what your product / service is about, in a brief, clear and attractive way. Explainer videos can help you generate interest towards your offer and lead your prospects in the direction you want.

#4: Communicate a new internal -or external - tool

What if you need to communicate a new tool to some specific audience? An explainer video can help you deliver the message in a simple but interesting way, by quickly grabbing your audience's attention

Check out this cool whiteboard animation video we developed for McKesson's Health Mart. It's educative, but also highly engaging and appealing.


#5: Improve the user experience

Driving leads to your site is  hard work. Once they're there, you want them to stay. Did you know that by embedding a video in the home page of your website you can instantly grab their attention and encourage them to stay longer on it? Video content is fresh, catchy and entertaining: it can definitely help you improve your user's experience on your site. Try it out!

Do you want more ideas? Read this article in which we share how marketing videos can improve your company's communication.


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