I spy with my little eye… a brilliant Christmas campaign! How are you planning on spreading the word about it? Take into account that the medium is the message, and with video you can’t go wrong.
Whatever it is you are preparing for your beloved audience this Christmas season, see how a good marketing video can help you in each step of the buyer’s journey.


#1: Communicate your promotions – Awareness stage

A short and specific video is a great way to inform people about your discounts, giveaways, coupons –or whatever it is you have planned– and how to access them. Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, meaning that the explanation will be made easier by the use of audiovisual means.

This makes video a definite ally for the awareness stage of your buyer journey!

#2: Enhance your email marketing – Consideration stage

If you are planning an email marketing campaign to reach your leads, an explainer video informing the benefits of your product or service can be a great aid for the consideration stage.

Stats ensure that video embedded in an email can increase the click-through rate from 200% to 300%. This will guarantee your message is not only delivered, but also seen by your target audience.



#3: Show real testimonials – Decision stage

Quotes and pictures are one way to show testimonials, but they might not actually look real! During the decision stage, buyers are ready to make a purchase, so your final kick must be strong and conclusive: it should profit from the power of video.

Videos are ideal for testimonials because they offer you the possibility to portray your satisfied customers in their own voice, gestures and experiences in a more engaging way than any text would allow. Maybe that’s why 90% of users state that product videos are helpful in the decision process!

#4: Give a warm Christmas message – Conveying brand advocacy

Marketing videos increase brand association by 139%, which makes them quite a nice way to reach out to your beloved customers and wish them wonderful Holidays.

A bonus is that, if you get creative, you might even spread the word even more than you planned! As figures show, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, so they are an effective way to make some noise around your brand.


#5: Optimize your video’s metadata with some Christmas goodness – Every stage

If you are in the marketing field, you surely know that keywords and thumbnails are everything for video search engine optimization: the appropriate metadata can boost your brand presence on important sites like Google and YouTube, which is where people are. And this is also true for the Holidays!

If you want to add some Christmas bling to your video metadata, follow these steps:

  • Research the best Christmas keywords for your business.
  • Use the keywords in the title, description and tags of your videos.
  • Update your video thumbnails accordingly.

Yummy Tip: Use Google’s keyword planner to find if the keywords you choose are popular or not.

Have you tried video marketing for a particular stage of your buyer’s journey? How did it go? We hope you can profit from this advice by making the most effective, relevant and engaging Christmas campaign yet.

This year, be ready for Christmas before you even know it! It’s easier than you think: just follow the Christmas marketing advice and inspiration we are sharing on our blog and put those ideas to work for your business. Have a wonderful one!

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