Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Remarkety-3-THUMBDo you want to get the most out of your SEO efforts? Of course, the first step to gain visibility is having an online presence but then you need to learn how to take full advantage of the best SEO practices. Today we´re going to learn 5 strategic techniques to boost your SEO efforts and increase your visibility.


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Having a corporate blog is a great way to gain more exposure and also reinforce your SEO strategy. On one hand, through a blog you can position yourself as an expert in your niche, providing your visitors with new, fresh and relevant information on the latest news and trends and consequently building trust towards your brand and product. But at the same time, by having a stable blog you can improve your SEO results: have in mind that each blog post counts as a new page of your website and it´s indexed by Google (the #1 search engine loves fresh content  and this will help you rank better). 


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An animated marketing video is an amazing tool to help your SEO efforts, in many ways. For instance, by placing an animated explainer video above the fold in your homepage you can reduce the bounce rate (the percentage of visitors that come to your site and quickly bounce without visiting any other section), increase the average visit time by 2 minutes and consequently rank better on Google (Google rewards sites that have a low bounce rate and a high time-on-page rate). Additionally, having an animated marketing video gives you the chance to be on YouTube, the #2 search engine and #3 social platform on Earth. Furthermore, remember that YouTube videos also rank in Google searches and this improves your exposure and visibility radically!


Tip: to get the best results out of your animated marketing video, clarify your marketing goals, identify your target audience and then choose the right type of animated marketing video for your specific business. Watch this cool tutorial to get more information.


A website that is designed to help your visitors understand and follow the structure of the information is vital to improve your SEO efforts. You need to set up a coherent and clear information architecture to make it easy for search engines and visitors to find the content they´re looking for in that specific keyword niche. So, always make sure to organize texts, images and multimedia elements in a reasonable and hierarchical way to set a strong foundation for your SEO strategy. 


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By improving your site´s loading speed, you can prevent your visitors from leaving without even knowing what you can do for them. You can analyze how fast people leave your website by studying your bounce rate: if your bounce rate is 60% or higher, you´re in trouble.  Have in mind that visitors expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less! So, if they have to wait longer than this, they will easily lose interest and leave. If you want to boost your SEO efforts, make sure your website loads as fast as possible. 


If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you´re losing thousands of potential customers and your SEO efforts might be in vain: Google has recently updated its search engine algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites in organic searches (so, if your site does not provide a good user experience on mobile devices, it will definitely lose positions in the rankings). At the same time, mobile video has proven to be one of the main key drivers of traffic volume on mobile devices: an explainer video can be a great alternative to grab your mobile audience´s attention and make them stay on your site for longer which will improve your metrics and boost your SEO efforts. 


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Now that you´ve learned these 5 great techniques…we have many other useful tips that can help you enhance your marketing strategies. Visit our Explainer Video Academy and get all the information you need!

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