Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-whiteboard-bad-bw--THUMBWho doesn’t like whiteboard animation videos? Everybody does! Theses videos are so engaging and entertaining that literally everyone enjoys them.

Here's one of our finest examples:

Now the problem is that there are times when their innate quality of being lovable is not enough simply because the video was not well made.

How can you determine if your whiteboard explainer video is headed the wrong way? What practices could ruin your whiteboard animation? And -most importantly- how can you make the best whiteboard explainer video?

These three questions will be answered just ahead, you just have to keep reading, pay attention and, if you want, take some notes so you can be aware of the  5 ways of spoiling your whiteboard animated video:


1. Not connecting the drawings

If you know what a whiteboard marketing video is, them you should know it’s composed by drawings that are made on a whiteboard, so the entire story is being said with these illustrations.

It’s mandatory that the drawings are  all connected, in order to allow the viewers to easily follow the story that is being created right in front of their eyes.

If the illustrations are not connected and you have too many start overs or draw-and-erase sections, the entire concept of whiteboard animation will be gone and the audience could feel lost.

Avoid committing this mistake by doing something similar to what we did in this next whiteboard marketing video, where all the drawings are -at the end- part of the brand’s logo:


2. Where is the hand?

Have you seen a whiteboard video? If the answer is yes, then you must know one of the most distinctive characteristics this animated marketing video styles has is the drawing hand. After all, the illustrations are not made by themselves!

So if you’re making a whiteboard explainer video without including the drawing hand, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’re spoiling it!

Not having it, will make your video lose its charm, it won’t have an educational approach and it won’t even really be a whiteboard marketing video.

Watch here how the drawing hand helped us to tell the story:


3. Not making it educational

Whiteboard animation always has an educational approach, especially because they work perfectly at instantly grabbing the audience’s attention and keeping them engaged, so with whiteboard videos you can explain complex concepts and people will understand them easily.

If you don’t use this to your advantage, then you’ll be misusing your entire whiteboard explainer video.

For example, look at how great it worked with the whiteboard animated video’s educational approach in this case, where our client had many things to explain:


4. Not using a white background

We probably don’t even need to explain why this will spoil your whiteboard explainer video.

But in case it’s not clear, let’s clarify: as its name says, this explainer video style consists of developing the story and making drawings on a whiteboard. So no matter what, the background must always be white!

We don’t want your whiteboard video to lose its essence and most distinctive feature, so keep it classical and simple.


5. Making it colorful

You may think this last subject is pretty much like the previous one, but not exactly. In some cases we recommend using some hints of your brand colors on your whiteboard animated video to make your trademark be present throughout the video.

The point is that when doing this, you have to be really wise and not make your video too colorful. Just add little bits of color in specific key spots, otherwise it won’t truly be a whiteboard video, because traditionally those are meant to be black and white.

Look at a perfect example of how to wisely add hints of color to a whiteboard marketing video:

As you can see, if you don’t pay attention in detail, you’ll spoil your whiteboard animation and all your hard work and effort will be in vain. Don’t let this happen and follow these pieces of advice.


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