Do you want to get the best return on investment out of your marketing initiatives?

Doing A/B testing is a great alternative to thoroughly understand how users behave and which options are more effective than others to meet your goals. 

Of course, you can test different metrics (or elements) in different pieces of content (such as videos, landing pages, posts, images, newsletters, etc.). At Yum Yum we make explainer videos. And we love sharing with you useful tips about what we do, so that you can take your video marketing strategy to the top.


With this in mind, today we want to focus on 5 different alternatives you can use if you want to test your marketing video effectiveness. Read on and get some useful tips!

#1: Video length

A simple way to test your video is by changing the length: cut a few seconds at different sections of your video, and you'll have “version A”. The original one will work as your “version B”. Present both videos to your target audience, analyze which one gets the best CTR and conversion rate, and you will find the answer.

#2: Call To Action

You can also test different calls to action to see which one works best. In this sense, you can test different elements, such as the location of the call to action, the specific text you use, and the color of the button. We always recommend testing one thing at a time.


TIP: not sure on how to include CTAs in your video? Check out this article and learn about the different types and how to use them!

#3: Best place in your website

The place in which you locate your video on your homepage plays a key role in traffic generation and viewership. Of course, the video must be one of the most visible items on your page! Nevertheless, you can try different positions for “version A” and “version B”: measure the amount of viewers who watched each one, the conversion rate they had, how it enhanced the time on site...and finally you'll make some interesting conclusions. As always, change one factor at a time, to better understand the results.

#4: YouTube's title

Why not test a key element such as the YouTube´s video title? Try with different alternatives for each explainer video: short vs. long, generic vs. specific, or formal vs. informal (just to give you some examples). Then assess how many people clicked to watch each one and you'll deduce which title seems to be more attractive.

#5: Best moments for gating

Last but not least, another interesting alternative is by testing which moments are the best for gating. Try embedding gates at different sections of your videos and analyze which version performs better. A good practice is to make a previous analysis on the average time viewed, so you can try your test within those parameters. For example, if an explainer video has an average view time of 45 seconds, perhaps it’s better if you put your gates before that time. 


Remember that A/B tests are a very recommendable practice to get the most out of your video! You know what works and what doesn't, backed up with empirical data, and that´s great to help you make smarter decisions.

Finally, don't miss this blog post in which we go over 5 metrics you should be tracking to evaluate the effectiveness of your video.

Stay tuned for more tips on video marketing!


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