Are you thinking about making an explainer video? That's great! You won't´regret it. And if you actually regret it, well, perhaps something was missing in the process.

So before fully jumping into the production process, it can be very useful that you ask yourself some key questions. Take a minute to check these key steps before you start working on your brand new video. This guide will not only be essential to clearly define some basic concepts before starting the production process, but will also help you save time, money, energy and headaches!


1) Define Your Marketing Goals

Ok. You'll be working on an video. But what will you use it for? It's vital that you have a clear idea of what your marketing goals are. Making a video to increase your brand awareness is not the same as making a video for boosting conversions or pushing sales. Producing a video with an educational purpose is completely different than making a video for the release of a new product/service. There are several differences in the way you'll convey your message for each of these cases. Perhaps what you need is not an a marketing video for the stage you are in, perhaps you need a blog or to center your marketing efforts in some other place. First, you must define a goal for your project.

2) Determine the Product / Service You Want to Explain

An explainer video will have some specific characteristics depending on the product / service that´s been promoted. These videos work great for almost every industry but, despite this, it's essential that you define what the specific product / service you want to explain is. A B2B product requires a completely different message from B2C products. Which takes us to...

3) Identify the Target Audience You'll Be Talking To

Outline your target audience with as much detail as you can. How old are they? Where do they live? What´s their job? How do they behave? What are their interests? What´s the main problem they have to solve? Are they heavy technology users? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself to start determining the audience your communications should be addressing.  


The information you gain from this research will be invaluable for every marketing effort you make, and regarding explainer videos, it will also be essential for the scriptwriting process and also for the design of the characters.  

4) Choose the Explainer Video Style That Best Fits Your Needs

Depending on the marketing goals you have, the product / service you want to communicate and the target audience you're aiming to, some animated marketing videos fit better in one case than in other. The video production company you choose can help you make the right choice according to your needs. Just to give you some kind of “preview” of the different video styles you can find in the market, watch this special tutorial we've made:

5) Pick out a Professional Video Production Company

It's always advisable that you choose a talented team to help you out with each of the video production stages. Hiring a professional vendor will invariably drive traffic to a high quality video (and this is vital to maximize your ROI and the right handling of your brand).

If you need an extra hand on picking out the right video production company according to your needs, read this useful article.

6) Set the Timing for the Project

It´s highly important that you set a specific deadline for your project. Of course, you could say that you need your video ASAP. But the truth is that good work takes time. So try to be realistic on this aspect. It always depends on the overall quality of the video, but a custom-high quality production could take between six and eight weeks.

Tip: take a look at this article in which we explore how cost, quality and speed can be combined when developing a video.

Having ticked these 6 boxes, you're ready to move on! You can start by downloading this free slide to understand the whole video production process from scratch.

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