Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ROOKIE-MISTAKES-thumbMaking an animated explainer video is not easy. To do it right, you need a team of professionals (from scriptwriters to creative directors and animators). But whether you do it with an explainer video company or not, it’s always useful to learn about the subject and not make a rookie mistake.

Join us with your favorite cup of coffee and learn 6 typical rookie mistakes of the explainer video production process:


1. Making it too long 


We always stand for an animated marketing video to have 90 seconds of maximum length. In some cases, you can get your video up to 2 minutes but it’s not usually recommended. If your video lasts for, say 4 minutes, it’d be a terrible idea for an animated marketing video. Why? Because it’s proven that most of your audience will stop wathcing the video and leave the site right after the first 2 minutes, before they finish listening to your explanation and reaching for your call-to-action (usually placed at the end of the video).

Most business can be explained in less than 2 minutes! Watch how this animated video of ours explains their service in just 30 seconds:


2. Not placing a clear call-to-action


When making an animated marketing video for your business, it’s vital to have clear marketing objectives with a straight action plan for your potential customers to perform after watching the video, whether to subscribe, download a free trial or purchase a product. This will be your call-to-action.

Always place a clear call-to-action at the end of the video and it will be reflected in the video campaign’s results.

If you don’t have a clear call-to-action yet, or you have several possible calls-to-action, you can always run an A/B test with different versions of your video with several calls-to-action. This allows you to measure which one performs better within your audience and you’ll be able to choose the one that converts better.


3. A bad use of colors


An animated video is a powerful marketing tool so you need to make sure you are getting full use out of it. If you’re using a color pallet in your video that has nothing to do with your brand colors, you’re missing the chance to grow instant brand recognition with your audience.

A bad color selection is a rookie mistake you can’t afford to make with your video production process.

See how the use of color in this video helps to link the video with the brand:


4. Not following the basic film rules


Besides being a marketing tool, these animated videos are an audiovisual piece after all; they’re animated short films! So when making them you shouldn’t forget about the basic filming rules.

Filmmaking is now over 100 years old and filmmakers have long-studied camera angles, cinematography, film editing, etc. Not following these basic film rules makes your video not so pleasant to watch, because it might seem a bit messy or display a low-quality picture. This would be a big rookie mistake.


5. Not using a native professional voice-over


Hiring a non-native or a non-professional voice actor to record the voice overs in your video is a typical rookie mistake.

Most of the time, companies want to save some money and hire a non-pro actor or even a voice talent with a different language or accent from the video’s target audience. This is quite unprofessional and creates mistrust within your audience. This can also contribute to losing potential conversions that will eventually make you lose more money than hiring a pro voice talent in the first place.


6. Bad audio editing


The audio quality is usually underestimated in this kind of animated marketing video, but what rookies don’t know is that a bad sound editing could spoil the whole video. A typical mistake is to play the music and sound FX too loud, which makes the voice-over not  stand out properly. A baffling video is a video that no one will watch.

Another mistake is that the music is not linked or connected to what we’re watching in the video. This leads to a messy video, but they’re odder mistakes to make.


Now you’ve learned some of the most typical rookie mistakes made during an explainer video production. Avoid these mistakes in order to get a high-quality animated video for your business!

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