Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-SMART-kid-THUMBSeen those fun and compelling animated marketing videos on the web? Wondering what do you need to get one for your online business? Today is your lucky day: we’ve crafted a great slide for you to learn how to make your own animated explainer video in 6 easy steps!



First things first: making a professional animated marketing video is quite a difficult task. It’s so much more than assembling animation, voice-over and sound effects. Watch one of our videos and see how we pay attention to every single detail:

The truth is that to make your own marketing video you’ll need a team of professionals, like in any motion picture production: from scriptwriters, storyboarders, illustrators and animators to voice-talents and sound producers. Of course, you can always hire an explainer video production company and not have to worry about any of this.

But whether you hire an explainer video production company or do it the freelance way, you should learn the whole video making process to make the right decisions for your brand. Check this neat slide and learn the basics on how to do your own animated marketing videos:


These are the 6 basic steps to do your own animated explainer video, so now you’re ready to go! Some production companies might organize this process differently, so choose your own way: the secret is getting to great results and have fun in the process!

Once you’re done don’t forget to place your animated marketing video all over the web to get the best ROI from it: on your landing pages, websites, social media channels, newsletters, you name it.


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