Choosing the right video marketing production company is very important, as it can make the difference between getting a high quality and effective video, or a poor quality and null video.

What should you expect from one of these vendors? Here we will share some useful tips. Read on!


A Key Decision

You have made up your mind about developing a marketing video and have realized that there are a lot of vendors out there that are competing to gain your trust. In this context, maybe you're feeling a little bit confused about which one you should choose. You don't know exactly which factor you should be weighing or which skills you should prioritize. And you're right! Choosing the right video marketing production company is decisive: once you have decided that you want to create a marketing video, the vendor you pick out is one of the most important decisions you have to make, as it will influence not only the quality of your video but also the results you achieve.

We have some tips to share with you so that you feel more confident and assertive when making this key decision.

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6 Tips For Choosing A Video Marketing Production Company

Take a look at this information before making the final choice of the vendor that will walk with you through the whole video production process.

#1: Structure and process

Look for a video production company that has deep knowledge of the structure and creation process of an audiovisual piece of content. This is highly important, as the production process is made up of key stages, and each of them has to be carried out with high quality, focus, in a specific order and following some basic guidelines.


#2: Talented and professional team

The whole team (this includes the producer, the illustrators, the directors, the animators, the voice-over talents, and every member of the production team) needs to have a specific background and set of skills in their field. The only way to get to a good result is by working as a team, and each member needs to “play his part” with professionalism, dedication, commitment and, most of all, know-how.  

#3: Expertise in digital marketing

It's also important that the vendor that you choose knows about Internet and the digital marketing world, so as to get the most out of your video in terms of branding, distribution and overall effectiveness. Review why it's so important to work with a video production company that knows marketing well here.

#4: Detail-driven

The team has to be detail-driven and pay attention to every single detail in each of the stages of the video production process. This is the only way you'll get the best results out of your video.


#5: Communication skills

The vendor you choose has to be capable of establishing and maintaining fluid communication, so as to keep an open dialogue with you and avoid any misunderstandings during the back and forth feedback. But there's more than that: they have to be customer-centered, guide you through the entire production process and respond to any questions and queries you might have.

Tip: from the moment you start working with a video production company you've chosen, these tips for giving feedback might help!

#6: Creativity and ideas

Knowledge and skills are very important but, talking about audiovisual communication, creativity and ideas are essential. If the team doesn't have the ability to pass out ideas in an innovative, engaging and compelling way, the results won't be too positive.

Finally, we invite you to download this free eBook in which we summarize all the information you need to make a wise choice. Learn how to choose the right video production company!

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