Educational explainer videos are a highly useful tool to raise awareness on the “top of the funnel” stages, when your prospects are just starting to learn and put into context the problem/need they have.

That's the perfect chance for you to position your brand in their minds by delivering a subtle message about how you can help them. Join us in this reading and get some useful tips to drive qualified leads to your site, by using proper educational explainer videos.


Educational Explainer Videos

You can find a lot of animated marketing video styles out there. But educational explainer videos in particular offer you a huge key advantage: the possibility to “train” your prospects about what you do, or about how your product can help them, while you raise brand awareness.

This video is an example of what an educational explainer video should look like, and the type of message it should deliver:



As you can see, the approach is generic. The video is not focused on the “product/service” itself, but on giving some contextual information to the viewer about what they might be needing.

Top Of The Funnel: Generating Brand Awareness

As you might know, the buyer's journey consists of 3 key stages in which you provide your prospects with some key information to guide them through the whole funnel and encourage them to take the next step (which, ultimately, will be purchasing your product).

At the top of the funnel we have the Awareness Stage. At that moment, you're supposed to gain a place in your prospect's mind, by generating brand awareness. Educational explainer videos are perfect to meet this goal, and this is for many reasons:

  • They can be 100% customized to meet your target audience's needs and generate a strong connection towards the story you're telling. This is a great way to stand out as a referent in your niche that provides their target audience with valuable content that helps them with their needs.
  • Also, this type of video can be branded with your brand's identity (colors, elements, etc.) so that you start to position yourself in their minds, from a visual point of view.
  • These videos have a huge engaging and persuasive power, but at the same time they have the ability to deliver a message in an informative and educative way, by using the perfect mix of attractive visuals and animations. They work perfectly to grab your prospect's attention and keep it long enough so as to give you the time you need to spread your key messages.

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These and some other benefits make educational explainer videos an irresistible bait to those who land on your site. But, of course, the idea is that you also distribute them in some other platforms and channels to give them maximum exposure and use their fascinating engaging power to drive more qualified leads to your page. Let me share with you some tips on this…

Increasing Visitors With Educational Explainer Videos

Time to set up a wise distribution plan to drive more leads to your site by leveraging the power of educational explainer videos!

#1. YouTube

Having a presence on YouTube is a must. You can also work on some specific optimizations to your video to improve the position of its ranking. You can download our free ebook with some useful tips on how to rank number #1 on YouTube.

#2: Other social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, ….choose the ones that best fit with your marketing goals and target audience. Make use of these platforms to spread your video and reach a wider audience that you can drive to your site.

#3. Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective tool that still works nowadays. Email isn't dead! :) You can include your video in your email with a strong Call To Action that leads prospects to your site to look for more information.

#4. Paid ads

Paid advertising can help you gain more reach in  quite a short period of time while you can also have 100% control on the tracking of your campaign.

#5. Guest blogging

By posting your educational explainer video on other blogs you can increase its exposure and it also helps for link building purposes. Take some time to do some research and find legitimate blogs and relevant websites in your niche.

#6. Online forums

You can also post your video in some forums whose topics are related to your niche. For this, you can create a thread that is related to your video and leverage from this to promote it.

We strongly recommend that you complement this reading with these 5 great tips to drive traffic to your site by using some other tactics. Good luck!


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