If you have a startup, you are surely looking for that punch that will skyrocket your business. If so, did you know that an explainer video can be it? 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process.


But before you get things started, it is a great idea to look for some inspiration. That’s why we gathered for you the best startup videos ever made and put them together in this list. Look at how awesome they are!

Cash Out

Beautiful imagery and a nice, polished vintage look make this coffee shop’s day breeze by in an aesthetic way. It looks like you don’t even need words to explain how Cash Out can help your business! The best way to show something is to actually prove it, so that’s why a day in the office can be just as helpful for your explainer video as an elaborate script.


While some explainer videos are super clear and explain in detail what they offer, some others leave us wanting for more… it’ll all depend on what stage of the buyer’s journey your viewers are in! As we can see, Upplication’s video is just a tiny intro that’s intended to be a hook for more info, and it all lies on a powerful statement: “Welcome to the post-PC era”.


Being nonchalant and witty can pay off in a huge way on the internet! Look at how this production company apparently rejected Slack’s need for a video because, well… “Products like that never work”. But after they finally tried it, it made their lives easier.

From that funny starting point, gags and weird situations abound in this informative and funny explainer video.


What first might seem like a joke is actually a real product that works! Poo~Pourri is the first toilet deodorizer ever. So, how do you sell something that orbits around an uncomfortable subject such as poop? If you mix cute and girly aesthetics with uncomfortable situations and elegant, poop-related rhetoric, the resulting formula will be a viral success.


Yes, simplicity works, and Dropbox is the ultimate proof. Not only do the beautiful animation in their video flow as easily and efficiently as the service they offer, but also the looks and colors are just like their website and app. Add that to an effective explanation and some cute remarks and you’re done! Your video marketing strategy will work wonders.



There’s kind of a cinematographic Wes Anderson like approach to this explainer video… which makes it definitely unique, just like the service Dayuse.com offers.

But when distinctiveness transforms into bizarreness and the weirdness reaches ridiculous heights, we are compelled to keep on watching until the very end: and then we are invited to participate in the video presenter’s rescue! An engaging video and a CTA: chapeau for marketing success!

Rhombus Network

Yes! This video was made by us, but hey, we love our work too!  Custom-made animations that go along they company’s visuals and compelling characters are what made this video truly one of a kind. By addressing your target’s pain points, you can create a video that is both explanatory and useful. Oh, now we’re blushing…


Wow, that was so much fun to watch! Maybe because all these five videos show us that engaging content marketing is a fantastic way to attract new customers, help them in the decision-making process and retain them too.

If you are ready to make your own custom explainer video, you are surely full of questions! Here’s a guide to get you started: learn how to make an explainer video step-by-step and take your business to the next level.

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