Animated_explainer_video_ROINeed some inspiration for your marketing? Look no further! An animated explainer video is a great choice. It is  a great resource not only for the bigger brands, startups and small companies are using them as well!

It is no surprise Internet video traffic will be 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2019 (Cisco), videos offer numerous advantages in one compact package! Let’s dig into them.

This is one of our lastest animated explainer videos, check it out!

1. Explain Your Product or Service in Seconds

Did you know people simply don’t read on the web? Since they’re in a hurry, they scan looking for highlighted keywords, meaningful headings, short paragraphs and lists. In 2013, it has been found that most visitors scroll through about only 50-60% of an article page. (UX Myths)


Animated video production for "Beefound"

This is why long text explanations are a real no-no. But maybe you actually need to get a complex message across, talk about stats and figures, or explain what your value proposition is. For this and many other reasons, animated marketing videos come to your rescue!

Videos help retain over 50% more information than text and images through the use of visual and verbal cues (Unbounce), and they do it in no time (well, almost!): most animated marketing videos range from 30 to 90 seconds.

Discover it yourself in this super insightful animated video for the Marketing Zen Group!

2. Ad Savings

Bounce rates are one difficult KPI! A high bounce rate means maybe your online advertising efforts are not paying-off that well: users are visiting your site –meaning yeah, they clicked on your ad– but are not staying and not interacting. Ouch!

Did you know the attention span of the average website visitor is of barely 8 seconds? (Statistic Brain) That’s short, but it is just enough time for your viewers to click on the “play” button of your video!


Animated video production for "Appier"

As videos include motion, graphics and audio, they are an awesome engagement tool to provide entry points to other channels (Vidyard), this is why adding one to your landing page will guarantee stays on your site.

The math behind it is simple! This is why we’ve made an equation that looks really smart:

Longer and interactive site visits = Lower bounce rate = More fruitful ad investment

With a lower bounce rate, visitors will actually be digesting and interacting with your content. This is why if you add a video to your landing page, you can cut your ad expenses and enjoy the same great results!


3. Mobile Ready, Future Ready!

We have already pointed out that web users barely read… well, mobile users almost don’t read at all (Nielsen Norman). You know it well! It is hard to read on today’s super portable gadgets.

Mobile video accounted for 55% of mobile data usage by the end of 2014 (Cisco). This is yet another reason for your video to rock those smartphones and tablets!

Watch how engaging a good video can be while you find out how Clamitous Clang was saved!

If you incorporate an animated video on your site, you will be offering an attractive form of content to your mobile visitors… which are surely growing more and more each day! (Smart Insights)


4. Videos + Google: a Match Made in Heaven

Let’s remember some of those metrics we were talking about: bounce rates, average time per site visit, mobile friendliness…? We’ve got good news for you: Google loves them!


Animated video production for "Appier"

If videos enhance those stats, they also help you get some of Google’s loving. Its algorithms give those KPIs enough importance to enhance your Search Engine Optimization strategies altogether.

Of course, these advantages work only if your content plan includes frequent blog posting and a good keyword strategy. So bear that in mind too!


5. Congrats! You’ve Made it to YouTube

It is a no-brainer: you must be on YouTube. This social media giant has over a billion users and people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on it every day (YouTube). It is the third most important social network today and the second largest search engine and, as you know, it relies entirely on video! (Mushroom Networks).


These are some of the reasons we ourselves are on YouTube. Watch our cute video on choosing the best explainer video style for your business. Thanks to it and a polished SEO strategy, we rank #1 in YouTube for the main keywords in the industry of explainer videos! This video is viewed by around 300 people a day, which means we have hundreds of new site visitors per month since we posted it. 


If you want to know how we rocked YouTube, download our free eBook How to Rank #1 in YouTube and get every insider detail. (A little scoop: keywords are really important!


6. Enhancing Your Sales or Conversions

Such a complete tool could only do miracles to your marketing goals. Did you know explanatory videos can increase sales by 20% on average (Unbounce) and, in some cases, the boost can even be up to 64%? This was the case for CrazyEgg!


Animated video production for "Bonkers"

A professionally-made video can reach your target audience in seconds while nurturing a deep bond between them and your brand. This is why 73% of consumers state they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video! (ReelSEO)

Watch how this one selected by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos describes what GigTown is all about:


 7. ROI (it means “king” in French for a reason!)

Helping people better understand your product, saving in digital advertising, convincing your audience thus increasing sales, better positioning in Google and being in YouTube will help you boost one super important metric: return on investment! 


Animated video production for "REMARKETY"

Take a look at the facts:

As you can see, audiovisual content is highly effective and will continue to top the charts in the future. Start diving into it with a video!

Information is power! Use it to your favor to enhance your next marketing campaign. If you already did, share your experience with us in the comments section. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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