As a marketer, you know how important consumer trust is.

If your customers don’t trust you will deliver on your promise in every interaction, they will look for an alternative. And that’s not what you want!


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The great news is testimonial videos are here to help boost your brand trust. In a testimonial video, your own customers can talk about their experience working with you and why they chose you over your competitors. As you know, people listen to other people’s opinions before making a buying decision. Word of mouth is as important today as it ever was!

Yummy Tip: If you’re thinking about a testimonial video, focus on the decision stage of your buyer’s journey. In that moment, people will want assurance about you being the best solution. Of course you can get personal and tell them about it yourself, but other types of proof are even better!

Now you know why testimonial videos can help you convert those leads into customers, read these 7 tips and see how to make a great testimonial video for your brand.

#1. Think About Your Questions Thoroughly

The questions you create are key for enabling your clients to give their feedback for great testimonial videos. You not only need to be complete, precise and concise when deciding which questions those will be, but it’s also a great idea to send them to your interviewees before you record your video so they can think them beforehand. Watch this example:

#2. Take Advantage Of The Moment: Record It In HQ!

To your lead’s eyes, the quality of your testimonial video will be the quality of your brand. You come through as you show yourself, so before you record your video:

  • Prepare a good recording environment: That involves good lighting, no undesired environmental noises, no echoes an aesthetic background and so on.
  • Use good equipment: It’s the only way to be sure your video will have the quality it deserves.
  • Hire a professional cameraman: Capturing video is quite a complex art, so be sure you hire a competent professional for best results. (And to handle that pro equipment, of course!)


#3. Include Inserts

An insert is a scene filmed from a different angle or focal length from the master shot. They not only help emphasize a different aspect of the video due to the changed framing, but they also add dynamism to your video. Keeping your viewers engaged is key!

#4. Work for a Distinctive Visual…

Postproduction is the stage for enhancing and adding character to your video. Never forget that style is an important aspect of your video that will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Be sure to try different alternatives and get creative!

#5.  Don’t Forget To Add Branding

After all, your video speaks on behalf of your brand, so your brand personality must be present all along. Add your brand’s colors for separators and visual elements, your brand’s designated typographies for text and so on. Also, don’t forget to add your logo when the video’s over.


#6. Avoid Over Editing

If you cut and edit your video too much, you might get a clean result but it will lose its spontaneity and credibility.You don’t want people thinking you only left the fragments that were convenient for you!

#7. Hire A Professional Video Production Company

Videos require lots of hard work to make them look right! Besides, it is easy to see when a video has bad quality. This is why professional video makers can help you make the best of your investment before, during and after the production process.

There are lots of video professionals out there, so be sure about what you need to look for in a video production company before hiring the right one for your needs.

Are you ready to make your testimonial video now? Sure you are! It is a great way of letting your leads know you are trustable and they won’t regret having chosen you. If you want to know more about how videos can help your inbound marketing strategy, be sure to check out our free video marketing resources. Have fun!


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