The Digital Content NewFronts, an annual series of events founded by AOL, DigitasLBi, Google/YouTube, Hulu, Microsoft, and Yahoo, has recently taken place in New York City.

As one of the major events in the field, it aims at shaping a marketplace to connect digital content and content creators with brands, media and marketing agencies.


As usual, the information revealed in the series was extremely valuable and enriching. That's why we've picked out some of the most interesting stats about video marketing. Check them out!

1) More on digital video, less on TV

Interpublic Group's Magna Global has struck a multi-year deal with YouTube to invest $250 million into digital video. This money will come straight from its TV budget. The investment is four to five times Magna Global's typical YouTube budget. As a result, the company will spend less in traditional marketing overall (and thus, more on online video marketing) this year as TV ratings fall.

2) 7 billion monthly views for BuzzFeed

This one will leave you shocked. Between last year's NewFronts presentation and this year's, BuzzFeed's audience has grown from about 2.8 billion monthly views to more than 7 billion. Facebook, in particular, contributes more than 33% of Buzzfeed's views. That´s even more than the company's own platforms, which gathers 23% of overall views.


3) Doubling video streams

Bloomberg Media is now garnering 20 million monthly video views and doubling its video streams in the past year. And there´s more: its mobile users are up more than 25%.

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4) An increase of 452% for PopSugar. What?!

Yes, indeed. 452% is the jump PopSugar took regarding video views on Facebook, since the company debuted with its Facebook show “PopSugar Rush”, a year ago. Yes, take a breath, recover yourself and keep on reading.


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5) Hulu’s growth

Hulu´s subscriber database has risen more than 30% from last year and will reach 12 million U.S. subscribers by this month. Peter Naylor, the company's svp, said: "Hulu is TV, and the fact that 70% of our viewing happens in a living room environment just reinforces that idea to the market”.

6) 4.2 million hours across Facebook and YouTube

Last year, Refinery29 launched R29 Originals at the NewFronts presentation. Now they claim more than 100 million monthly video views, and an audience that consumed 4.2 million hours of Refinery29 videos across Facebook and YouTube in the past year.


7) AOL has 1 million hours of live programming a day

AOL streams about 1 million hours of live programming a day across all of its global partnerships. The company also announced that its audience is now 70% mobile, and that has slated 20 new programs across its digital properties.

Pretty amazing stats, right? We invite you to keep on surfing our blog for the latest trends in video marketing. Enjoy it!

Source: AdWeek


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