What’s the difference between a video strategy and a smart video strategy? Results!
When you address your target audience’s concerns at each stage of the buyer’s journey, you get better engagement and more conversions. This is crucial nowadays, it’s the way the marketing world has evolved. See for yourself:

Here at Yum Yum Videos we want to help you with awesome content for each stage of your buyer’s journey. Today, we will be focusing on testimonial videos, the perfect type of content for the decision stage: when your leads have decided on a solution to their problem and are comparing vendors to make the final purchase decision.

As your viewers will already be super informed about the different options available, it is time for you to highlight why yours is the best: branding power is key in the decision stage! Of course you can tell yourself about your brand, but other types of proof, like satisfied customers’ opinions, are even better. That’s where testimonials come into play.

If brand trust is what you’re after, be sure to follow these tips for the best testimonial video.


#1. Plan Your Questionnaire

What do you want to know about your customers’ experience working with you? If you don’t ask them, they probably won’t tell you! That’s what makes your questionnaire so important.

Think about what helped them solve their problem and what landmarks they reached thanks to having chosen you. For great answers, you need neat, concise and complete questions.

Yummy Tip: Send your interviewees your questionnaire a few days ahead of recording the testimonial. This will reduce anxieties and will help them get ready for the moment.


#2. Take the Right Equipment with You

This will be a unique opportunity, so record it in the best way possible. Make sure you take pro cameras and lighting equipment, as well as the right mics. Record the video in HQ and set the lighting accordingly in a quiet and nice environment for best results.

Yummy Tip: You can make mini tests and see them before making the final take. If in too much doubt, don’t hesitate to hire a professional cameraman!

#3. Take Advantage of Post production Assets

A great video will enable you to add some killer inserts! Inserts are scenes filmed from a different angle or focal length from the master shot which can make your video more dynamic.


Yummy Tip: Inserts can also help emphasize important parts of your video because of the changed framing. Use them wisely!

#4. Add Some Swag

Postproduction can also be used to add character to your video. Own it! Special effects, visual details and even coloring can help a video stand out from the crowd and from competitors.

Yummy Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative! Try different options and make a choice afterwards. You’ll always have an undo button. ;)

#5. Make your brand present

We are in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, so you should make your branding strong!

Though adding a huge logo all over might be tacky, subtler ways like using brand colors, branded separators and lower thirds are great ways of saying this is your video.

Yummy Tip: The best moment to add your brand logo is when the video is over. If animated, much better!

#6. Edit Your Video to Make It Perfect

Editing is key to making a professional video. Be sure to add only relevant information to make it interesting and keep high engagement rates all along. Long or repetitive talks will make people lose interest.

Yummy Tip: Although editing is crucial, be sure you don’t overdo it: if you edit your video too much, it will lose its spontaneity, thus, its credibility. Avoid looking like you only left the fragments that were convenient to your brand.

#7. Get Help from the Pros

A bad quality video gives a negative image to your brand, which is exactly the opposite of what we’re after. The preproduction, production and postproduction processes are equally important and require the work of professionals to look perfect. If you are thinking of having the best testimonial video, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help.

As you can see, testimonials are a great asset for the decision stage of your buyer’s journey, but there are many more for every phase. If you want to keep on learning about how video content can help with your inbound marketing, visit our Video Marketing Resources and have fun! It’s all free for you to enjoy.


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