Well, to be fair, a solid script is essential for almost any audiovisual piece of content (unless you are some kind of improvisational video artist, that is).

Today we're going to share with you some notions you should keep in mind when writing a script or considering a script someone else wrote.


Understanding the Basics

As we've mentioned, the script is the basis of every audiovisual piece of content. It's a key stage of the animated explainer video production process, and will let you define the specific message you want to deliver, the language and style you want to use, the length that your video will have and the tone that you want to associate with your brand.

From a narrative point of view, a good script will not only be essential for you to grab and keep your audience's attention, but it will also be vital to deliver the message in an entertaining way. And this is a must if you want to meet your marketing goals! (increase conversions, generate brand awareness, drive more traffic to your site, or anything else).

Tip: to make a professional high-quality script, we recommend that you hire a video production company that can assist you in every stage of the process, including the scriptwriting phase. If you need some help on how to choose a video production company that best fits your needs, download this free eBook.

Key Elements for a Solid Explainer Video Script

Focus on Your Target Audience

As a first step, try to learn everything about your target audience: be as specific as you can and identify details such as; what they look like, how old they are, where they work and live and any other useful information. As a second step, target the script to THAT specific audience. Have in mind that your script has to be 100% aligned with your target audience to make it highly effective and stir up emotions. If the characters on screen look, feel and behave like your potential customers do, you'll motivate your audience to generate a strong connection towards those characters and the story you're telling.


Animated video production for "MUNZIT" by Yum Yum Videos.

Stick to the Classical Structure

A good script helps you deliver the right message. And, if you want to make it in a simple but compelling way, we suggest that you use the classical structure used in movies and literature, by giving your story a beginning, a middle and an end.

-Beginning: make use of this stage to present the problem to your potential customers. Don't talk about your product yet!

-Middle: this is the right time to explain to your audience how you can help them solve their problems and how you can make their lives easier. What´s the special thing about your product?

-End: use the final part of the script to convince your potential customers of how great your product is when compared to the competition. Show them that your product is the best option out there!

Tip: always focus on making a “well balanced” script: give enough details on the problem you're presenting, but also expand on the solution you're offering and explain why your potential customers should choose you.  

Don´t Make it Too Long

Of course you need to work on an engaging script to make your story attractive, interesting and entertaining. But you also need to take care of the length of your video. If you make it too long, your audience will easily get bored and stop watching. Based on our experience as a video production company, we can say that:  160 written words on a script equals 1 minute in video format (as a general rule, don't take it literally) and, in our opinion, the ideal number for an explainer video script is 240 words, which equals 90 seconds in video format. This is the number you should bear in mind: it's the ideal length of time to explain your business idea while not boring your audience.


Tip: if you want to gain more knowledge on the scriptwriting process, we recommend that you take a look at this useful article, in which we sum up the “making-of” of the script and some useful considerations you should bear in mind.  

We've also compiled these and more tips in our step-by-step guide on  how to write an explainer video script. Check it out!

To wrap up...would you like to know which other elements take part of the video production process? Read this useful article or take a look at our “Behind The Scenes” section. Have fun!


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