Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-einstein-astronaut-THUMBExplainer videos are the “it thing” when it comes to online marketing. But they’re even better when they have animated characters in them, because they not only help to get the viewers’ attention, but also contribute with bringing the human approach that makes these animated marketing videos a conversion machine.


So keep on reading in order to understand the 5 reasons why it’s important to have animated characters in your marketing video:


1. Audience identification

This is one of the best things we can get from cartoons characters. When you make an animated marketing video that is fully customized, you can give the animated characters the features that you want.

Our recommendation is that you always make the characters resemble your audience. This way, it will be easier to allow your viewers feel identified with what they’re watching. For example, characters and your target audience should both have the same job, age and -most importantly- the same problems.

All of this will make the video way more engaging and will help to grow trust in your brand, because the viewers will feel that you know them and care about them, so ultimately they will feel represented in your brand.

Here’s an example of how you can make the characters resemble your audience. The target audience for this animated video were young music buffs. Look at how we made the character design:



2. Characters make the story

Have you ever seen or read a novel, movie or series without characters? We’re sure you’ve not. And that’s because without somebody to lead the tale, there’s just no story at all!

So for your video to have a truly convincing and engaging story, cartoon characters are in deep need and for a simple reason: things happen to them and they act in consequence.

Storytelling, and therefore characters, make animated marketing videos fun and entertaining. This will assure you that the audience will watch the video entirely and that you’ll be able to effectively deliver your business idea, leaving open the possibility of increasing your conversion rates.

See a perfect example of this in an animated video we made where the whole story is driven by one main character:



3. A fun touch

A very serious and formal animated marketing video won’t always convince your audience, many times is better to add some humoristic elements to truly engage the viewers, and you can do this with cartoon characters and the video will not just be fun but also memorable.

So bring in the humor! You can -for example- include in your marketing video unbelievable scenarios, crazy metaphors, incredible circumstances and more! All of this can help you explain the most complex concepts in a very easygoing way, having the chance of even making the audience laugh.

It’s not necessary to make the situation realistic, remember that everything is possible in the world of animation.



4. Emotions

What would be of a human being without emotions? Whether if we want it or not, many times our actions and behaviors are ruled by emotions, so if we want the audience to take a step forward and become our customers, we need to appeal to what makes them feel something.

Include in your video a nicely designed and well-animated character that looks alive (this is very important) and you’ll be able to generate quite a few emotions in your viewers and they’ll laugh, cry or even get some blushing on their cheeks!

See in this whiteboard video of ours how expressive the character is. You even forget he’s an animated character and immediately identify with his problems.



5. Sales

Ok, so far all of this is leading to audience engagement, but another amazing thing of working with animated characters in marketing videos is that all the emotions, bonding and target identification, will ultimately allow you to achieve your number one purpose: increase the sales!

Characters help you explain your product or service in just a few seconds in a fun and effective way. This, at the end, will boost your conversions rates up to the sky. The statistics indicate that an engaging marketing video can raise your sales by 20% on average, and up to 60% in some cases!

Like this, you won’t only engage the audience and boost your conversions, but also have a great ROI (return on investment) because the money you may have spent in the making of your video will multiply. 

All you have to do is make sure you hire a professional explainer video company so the professionals can deliver you an animated marketing video of true high quality.


Now, if you need wider knowledge on  this subject, visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you’ll find everything from free educational eBooks to infographics and slides! Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips around.


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