Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-BINOCULARS-thumbSo you now have a killer animated explainer video on your website -it is short, engaging and cool. Alright, but how do you make people watch it? Creating a cool video is just one of the first steps towards gaining an online presence, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In order to make people watch your video, you need to find ways for visitors to get to your website first -you need to run an effective SEO strategy.


An animated marketing video can help you, and that’s the good news. Now let us give you some advice on how to make this  happen:


1. If You Get Google, Google Will Get You

If you want your website to be found, you need to place it right where most people go for searching things online; Google! But you need to understand how it works.


It turns out that one criteria Google employs to rank your website is the amount of time visitors spend on your site -also known as the average visit time. The problem is, today’s average visit lasts just eight seconds which is, as you can imagine, not enough time to get your message across. Your job is to increase this time.

In order to make visitors spend more time on your website you need to get their attention, which is exactly what your video is made for. By getting your visitors to watch it, you’re turning those eight seconds into a couple of minutes (2 minutes on average to be exact), hence your average visit time -and your ranking on Google- will get a great boost!

You will also need to take into consideration what is known as the bounce rate, a measure of the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave without seeing anything else. A bounce rate is an eloquent indicator of your visitors’ interest. By getting your visitors to watch your video, their visit will last longer, their interest will grow higher and your bounce rate will decrease – what means your website will be more reachable in the search engine.

Bear in mind that your goal is to grab your visitors’ attention and keep them on the website. You need to place the video above the fold so that it’s the first thing your visitors’  see when they enter the site. 


2. Having YouTube as Your Second Best Friend

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine. If your animated explainer video has an outstanding presence on YouTube, it will be remarkable on Google as well. If you create a great video and make sure it is present and noteworthy on these two sites, then you will enjoy the benefits of being friends with a power couple.


A YouTube video can act as an independent marketing tool. The video contains plenty of information about your business, but you should also make sure that people can obtain it in other places -like the About section of your website, for example. Make sure to place a link to your landing page on it to enhance your visitors commitment.

You could also invest in YouTube ad campaigns to boost your views. Remember that you need to be aware of YouTube’s power, so that your investment will surely be compensated. 

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3. The End Is The (Social) Medium

Animated marketing videos are tremendously convenient for marketing purposes -they’re easily shareable. And video happens to be the easiest type of content to be distributed throughout social media.


But those videos won’t get there on their own. You need to take care of your social networks. Feel free to encourage your followers to comment, like and share. If you’ve made a killer video, this will not be difficult -people just love to share cool, fun and entertaining stuff! Gaining online presence entails effort, so make sure to create content on a consistent basis on your blog and your website.


Now you can apply some (or all) of this valuable information to make your marketing video help you in your SEO strategy. Make sure to understand Google, YouTube and the whole Social Media world and take care of each one of them so you can use them in the best ways possible.

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