animated-video-marketing-the-power-of-storytellingA story has the power to inspire and transform feelings into unforgettable moments by activating a wide variety of emotions in people. Much the same happens in the world of animated video marketing- a good story has the capacity to position products and services in an emotional dimension, taking audiences on a journey they are eager to experience.

Storytelling is a technique of explaining ideas through narrative, which can be real, imaginary or a combination of both. It relies on the fact that people often remember better when an event is told as a story rather than an enumerated list of facts. It isn’t a new trend, but since content marketing and social media have grown impressively, many marketers consider storytelling as a strategic tool to form personal and inspirational connections with brands, and thus drive revenue.

Emotional branding is a resonating experience which grows gradually, especially when it comes to the new generation of consumers, digital natives, who respond better to interactive and participatory marketing efforts.

Here are three secrets that brand storytellers understand and use to intrigue as well as emotionally engage and connect with consumers while making Animated Explainer Videos:

1. Include a structure

Brand stories should have a three-part view of a plot structure, that is, a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the beginning, set up the narrative with a strong introduction and establish the main characters. In the middle, present the conflict followed by a resolution at the end.

2. Use the right format

A good story must be engaging, but it should also be presented in the appropriate format. Not all stories have to be told through words. Explainer videos, pictures, animations and infographics are stunning ways to share a brand story and connect with your audience.

3. Bring the characters to life

Characters make the story happen. They perform actions and interact with the context, humanizing your brand by giving it emotion and personality.

So don’t just focus on WHAT to tell but also on HOW to tell the story. Focus on storytelling, one of the most effective and engaging marketing tools that will position your product or service in the mind of your potential consumers.  


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