Ahhh… Friday, our beloved Friday, we’ve been waiting for you! And now that you have arrived, let’s relax and enjoy some quality time together.

Regarding you, dear reader, don’t be shy! Please come in, sit down and join us: today we’re having another #FridayDelight, in which we will be honoring one of the most versatile filmmakers out there. We’re talking about Brad Bird!


Born in 1957, Bird was part of one of the earliest graduating classes of the California Institute of the Arts, along two other geniuses who we already made our #FridayDelight honors to: John Lasseter and Tim Burton.

Please enjoy some of Bird’s most memorable pieces with us!

The Iron Giant

This 1999 movie is Bird’s directorial debut, an interesting film that combines traditional and computer animation.

What is most inspiring about The Iron Giant is its innovative story and target audience. Aimed at some not-so-young spectators, Bird was sure there was an interested public audience in animated films that was not attracted to the classic Disney fairytale. Animation, according to him, could also be appealing to teens and adults. And he was absolutely right!

Though The Iron Giant significantly under-performed at the box office (apparently because of poor marketing), through television distribution and home video releases it gathered a cult following and is now commonly considered a modern animated classic.

The Incredibles

We love The Incredibles! We chose this particular movie clip from the widely-known 2004 film because it shows how the adorable superhero family is completely humanized through the arguments and everyday situations lived by any average household, although well… in this case, in a rather different context.

Following Bird’s vision, The Incredibles was inspired by 1960s comic books and spy films from his very own childhood and family life. Bird directed this film for Pixar, which made him Pixar's first outside director. And they were right to hire him! The result was not only highly-successful but also pretty memorable.

Yummy fact: The Incredibles 2 will be premiering in 2019. We can’t wait!


Remy, our favorite rat ever, is the ambitious cuisine lover that plays the main role in Ratatouille. Quite different from Birds prior films, this 2007 French-inspired jewel was nonetheless as acclaimed and successful as Bird’s first Pixar movie.

Although Ratatouille’s story is completely different and the setting too, we find Bird’s mark in the very precise cultural remarks and how he depicts local customs and manners in a way that makes us laugh and feel emotionally attached to the characters.

Yummy fact: In 2011, Bird transitioned to live-action filmmaking with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which became the highest-grossing of its franchise. Amazing!

Wow! Did you know Bird was the genius that made these three movies possible? Here at Yum Yum Videos we could watch them over and over again… and over again, yes. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

If you want to get to know more amazing animators and their work, read our other #FridayDelight articles. We’ve shared our view on the works of Sylvain Chomet, Bill Plympton, John Kricfalusi and many other geniuses of animation. We hope you enjoy their videos as much as we did!


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