What if you could resort to a highly appealing video format, that quickly hooks your audience and encourages them to learn more about what you do?


Educational explainer videos have all the great benefits of marketing videos, plus the ability to “educate” your prospects in an entertaining and cool way. Join us in this blog post and learn how you can attract visitors by making use of this valuable resource!


Why Educational Explainer Videos?

At the very first stage of the sales funnel (awareness stage), your prospect is just aware of a certain problem / need he has, and is looking for the best vendors that could help them out. Once you have reached them with a solid value proposition, they will be ready to start seeing you as a good alternative (consideration stage), and then -if things go well- pick you out as their vendor (decision stage).

At Yum Yum we have developed one of these educational videos to teach our audiences about what inbound marketing is and put some key data into context. This will probably encourage them to look for more information or advice on video marketing, our métier :) Check it out!

Educational explainer videos are one of the most effective tools to attract audiences at the awareness stage of the sales funnel.

  • They are appealing enough so as to quickly grab their attention and keep it all the way through.
  • They are visually attractive and highly engaging. This is a must when you're trying to train or teach your audience about a specific topic.
  • They use the power of storytelling to help your audience remember the key messages and enhance the memorability of the video.
  • You're giving general information about a specific problem your target audience might have and this helps you stand out from competition and build trust among them.
  • You can gain great reach and exposure as your video will be the answer many people are looking for.

Where To Place Them

As we have said, this type of video targets a wide variety of audiences. The best spot to place them is on your blog or on other educational sections of your site.

When thinking about attracting new leads to your website, please don't forget about the giant YouTube! This will help you boost the reach and visibility of your video. Here you have some killer tips to get your video to the first positions of YouTube's ranking.

You can also promote them on social media channels, third-party websites, and social groups and forums. Set up a wise distribution strategy according to your marketing goals.

how to use video for inbound marketing

5 Great Advantages Of Educational Videos To Get Leads

And what are best things about this type of video? Let me sum up a few…

#1. The answers your audience is looking for

People love getting answers especially when they address specific pain points they might have. Educational explainer videos help you reach your audience with valuable content that can become their lifeboat.

This is a good example of an educational explainer video that answers a question many marketers out there may have:

#2. Real Valuece

In line with the previous bullet, this type of video offers your audience real value that they can use in their daily lives.

#3. Brand awareness and trust

Educational videos are great to help you stand out from the competition, by placing you as a thought leader in your niche. Hence, they're a great tool to generate confidence and trust towards your brand.

#4. Quantity of leads

Videos that have a more informational or educational approach work very well to get a high quantity of leads: they apply to a wide range of audiences and cases.

#5. Entertaining and engaging

Educational explainer videos make use of attractive visuals and animations to get to a highly catchy and enticing result: people enjoy them from the very beginning and, as the story is truly engaging and persuasive, predispose them to watch them until the end.  

Tip: to make an alluring and memorable video, the script plays a key role. You can download our eBook on “How to write a script for an explainer video” to get more useful information.

Hope this information has been useful!

Once you have your visitors there, it's vital that you guide them towards the next step. Read this article and learn how you can convert your visitors into leads by using interesting video content ;)


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