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Live Action With Motion Graphics: A Great Mix For Your Explainer Videos

Both live action and motion graphics are amazing techniques to use when making an explainer video. Today we’d like to go a little further and ask: why[...]

Explainer Video Academy: The Home Of Video Marketing Knowledge

Have you ever wondered how explainer video production works? Or how to write a proper marketing video script? Or how to make your video rank #1 on You[...]

Learn How To Write A Marketing Video Script (Free eBook And Infographic!)

Another awesome free eBook adds to our expanding Explainer Video Academy: it’s “How To Write An Explainer Video Script”. Hundreds of online companies [...]

When Making A Whiteboard Video Is A Bad Idea

Let’s keep things clear: this type of animated marketing video works to promote any kind of company, product or service. But sometimes making a whiteb[...]

Why Choosing A Good Explainer Video Company Is Vital

You might have a great product or service and want to make a cool animated explainer video to promote it, and you may also have a large advertising bu[...]

The Best Explainer Video Styles (and When To Use Each One)

Not all animated explainer videos are created the same way. In fact there are several animation styles around; some are short and fun and others are f[...]

3 Secrets To Make Your Explainer Video Succeed

Over the years working on explainer video production, we’ve discovered some tricks and details that can make your videos really succeed! Today we’re r[...]

Why Make A Whiteboard Video?

Let’s clear things up: a whiteboard video is an explainer video style. These kinds of video draw incredible marketing benefits, such as conversion rat[...]

Twitter Users Loves Video: Brand-New Study Insights

Do Twitter users really like to share videos on their timelines? How engaging are those videos for them? Brand-new research on over 1,000 users across[...]

Custom Vs Template Marketing Videos: Which One is Really More Expensive?

It’s pretty obvious: if we match the pricing of a template animated video with custom explainer video production cost, there’s no possible comparison [...]

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