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The True Power of Video Marketing: 5 Reasons to Do it!

2015 was named the year of Video Marketing by the software firm HighQ, as to date 78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% watch them ever[...]

How to Generate Brand Love with an Animated Marketing Video

Oh explainer videos! They’re not only the ultimate marketing tool, but they’re also becoming more popular as more people are getting know how great th[...]

The 3 Most Popular and Best Explainer Video Styles

There are many types of animated marketing videos, some are more used than others, but they all have one thing in common: they work excellently at pro[...]

4 Techniques to Reduce the Bounce Rate of your Website

The term bounce rate refers to the percentage of people that visit your site and stay there for 30 seconds or less without taking the time to navigate[...]

Google Confirms Explainer Videos are the Best Way to Promote an App

In March, Google introduced in-app marketing video advertising for Google Display Network users. So far, the results have not only been great -they’ve[...]

Need To Enhance Your Branding? Try An Animated Marketing Video!

Animated explainer videos have quickly become the favorite marketing tool for many people, from marketers to business owners.

How to Make an Animated Marketing Video (in easy steps)

Video is quickly becoming the online content people are watching the most on the Internet, and that’s exactly why one of the best ways to advertise to[...]

How to Measure Your Video Marketing Campaign

Ok, so you now have a killer animated explainer video on your website. It looks great, it has wonderful characters and it tells the story of your prod[...]

3 Ways to Convert Your Visitors Into Customers (Blog, Explainer Video, Email)

We don’t really achieve our marketing goals if all we have is online visitors and none of them actually take the action we want them to: the purchase [...]

3 Secrets for Writing the Best Explainer Video Script!

The script is an important part of the explainer video production process, and it’s not an easy task.

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