Choosing the right voice-over artist for your explainer video is a must if you want to provide your audience  with a strong personality, credibility and persuasive power.

But, of course, it can also have a huge impact in many other senses. Join us in this article and learn more!


Step By Step

We're not trying to promote a “New Kids On The Block” 90's hit :) It´s just that we want you to fully understand how important it is to provide every step of the video production process with the highest quality, and the choice of the voice-over talent is no exception.

Why are we saying this? First of all, because in order to make your explainer video 100% effective, the voice-over has to be aligned with the style, the script, and the target audience you're aiming for. You really need to take some time and analyze which voice-over professional best fits your needs. But there's also another good reason, it's essential that you make the right choice BEFORE starting with the production process, and let me explain to you why; if you don't choose the voice-over talent from the very beginning, you run the risk of having to choose another artist during the process, and this will certainly impact the timing and  the costs of the project, and hey, that's something that nobody wants! Neither you as a client (you want your video finished in time, and according to the original budget) nor the video production company (who will certainly get a headache if they have to remake the video with the “new voice-over artist”).

4 Reasons Why Choosing The Voice-Over Artist is Essential

Now let's go over some key reasons for choosing a professional voice-over actor.

#1: Provide your video with personality

A professional voice-over gives your video a specific mood, style and personality. Artificial software could never be as warm, credible and persuasive as a real human voice! A good voice actor can provide your video with the right dose of happiness, sorrow, solemnity, humor or whatever other resource you need to make your message highly effective. Keep that in mind!


#2: Imbue emotion

In line with the previous item, a professional voice-over actor has the ability to play with different tones, inflections and pauses that can emphasize even more what he/she’s saying, and hey! Adding the right highs, lows and pauses is something that only well-trained professionals can do! This is very important since it helps you to trigger different emotions in your target audience, making your video even more persuasive and appealing.

#3: Exude credibility

Choosing the right voice-over talent is also important to stand out as a credible brand. Who would trust a company whose video is narrated by a low quality voice-over? Always remember that your marketing video speaks of your company, so take care of every single detail of it. Talking about credibility, here we have another good reason, and it’s about the intonation and pronunciation,  who would feel connected with a story that's being narrated by a robotic voice or with a weird accent? Definitely noone!


Animated video production for "Lemonade Inc." by Yum Yum Videos.

#4: Make your target audience feel represented

One of the most important things you have to achieve is to make your target audience feel represented and identify with the story you're telling. Hence, choose the voice-over artist by having in mind your viewer's main characteristics, such as age, gender, ethnicity, style and any other factor that is typical from them.

Remember: always take some reasonable time to choose the right voice-over artist that will best fit with your marketing goals, the message you want to pass out and the audience you'll be aiming for. What your viewers see must be aligned with what they hear! 

Finally, we invite you to download this free infographic in which you'll get more specific information about the whole video production process and learn some important considerations you should bear in mind for each phase.


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