At Yum Yum, we always try to focus on offering the best quality in every animated explainer video, piece of content and process we carry out. 

That’s the only way we know how to do it, and we think transparency is an essential part of this high quality work.  

Today we want to share with you how we create our animated explainer videos eBooks, infographics and special content,  so that you can take a peek on how we produce some of our best branded content. Let´s get behind the scenes!

1) Analyzing pain points

This is a key step. First we need to fully understand the needs and interests of our audience and, at the same time, learn what problems they have. If we want to provide useful and relevant content, it must be 100% aligned with our audience’s expectations and, what's even more important, be a solution to their pain points.  

2) Choosing the main topic

Video marketing is a wide field and I'm sure your niche is too. Of course there can be different topics that can be a solution to a specific problem an audience has, but we focus on being precise and choosing just one main subject that will be the basis of a specific piece of content to develop from.

3) Picking the best format

It´s very important to choose the best format to present that specific information. Different formats offer different levels of usability, clarity and flexibility, and can be more suitable for a certain kind of information. We love making eBooks but we also have to consider if that's the ideal format to present the information defined in step #2, or if we should go with an infographic, a slide or a video and evaluate it too!

4) Structuring the information

Once we've chosen the main topic and the best format, we can focus on organizing the information: it's vital to understand what we want to say, but also know how we will express that message, in a clear, simple, and coherent way. In this step, we choose the information that will be presented and how we will structure it.

5) Working on the content

Time to put all hands on deck! At this stage, we write the text and we pick out the illustrator that will take care of the visuals. Piece of advice: one illustrator could be better for eBooks and another could be better for infographics, slides or videos, so always try to pick one out consciously.

6) Reviewing every detail

At this point, we have our first draft ready, so we can join forces to make all the necessary revisions and get to the best version ever! It's the final countdown...

7) Voilà!

Time to launch it! We've worked carefully in every detail so as to ensure the best quality in our branded content :)

We invite you to take a look at our eBooks section so that you can fully understand what we're talking about. Feel free to download any of them and analyze how we've organized the texts and visual elements.

Of course, there are some other useful tactics that can help you complement your content marketing strategy. In this blog post, we've compiled 4 cost-effective and easy-to-implement techniques. Don't miss them!

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