We could say that characters are the essence of any story. They have the power to build it, but also to knock it down. 

Characters can be inspiring and generate a strong connection with your target audience, if done well. At Yum Yum, we want to share with you how we create the characters of our explainer videos, so that you can get involved in the step-by-step process from within. Enjoy it! 


Customized Characters

First things first. We always recommend that you (or, better said, the video production company that you choose) craft custom characters aimed to your specific target audience. What do we mean? Customizing your characters implies aligning their design to how your potential customers look and behave (and for this, you really have to research them thoroughly). This is a pretty solid way to generate emotions and a strong connection from your target audience.

But hold on... things are not as simple as they seem to be (if they seemed to be simple at any instance)! Creating and animating the characters takes a lot of hard work to truly find the specific style and look that will generate that special connection within your audience and the humanization that the explainer video needs.


There's a whole detailed and thorough process behind the design of each character. Let’s dig deeper. 

Creating the Characters: A Step-by-Step Journey

We thought it'd be a good idea to sum up the process of how we create the characters in 5 simple steps.

1. Analyzing the creative brief: as a first step, our art director reviews the creative brief sent by the client, in order to fully understand what the message that needs to be delivered is, who the target audience is and who it will be aimed towards, as well as what  the main key benefits of the product/service are. 

2. Researching the brand: complementary to step #1, the art director performs his own research to gather extra information about the brand, its identity, main values, key differentiators and general aesthetics. This process gives us a more complete feel of the brand, how it communicates visually and the brand’s inherent visual rules. 

3. Draftsman flies in: the draftsman receives a brief detailing every single aspect of the characters (style, look, feel, aesthetics, demographics, nationality, brand identity, references, etc.) so that he can work on a first draft. 

4. The art director art directs: once the draftsman has finished the sketch, he sends it back to the art director to make any necessary tweaks. They both work hand in hand and go through a back and forth process until they get to the ideal model of each character.

5. The designs are sent to animation: the final version of the design is sent to the animation team to be rendered and ready to put in motion. Once this stage is completed, the characters are fully prepared to be animated in the video. 

Watch the following video to check the result of these 5 steps of character animation: 


So, we hope that we’ve been able to transmit the importance of characters. Make sure they look 100% aligned with your brand personality, culture and your target audience. And, of course, remember that the whole video has to be high quality and customized in order to get the best results out of it.

We invite you to keep on surfing our blog to get more tips on video production!

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