We're are convinced that great teamwork leads to great results. We're really proud of every professional that is part of Yum Yum, and we all work with one main goal in mind: ensuring the best quality results and, bottomline, meet our client's needs.

That's why is so important for us that you know how we work and who we are (check out our Behind The Scenes section). In our daily work, the art director plays one of the most important roles in ensuring the visual quality of every explainer video that comes out of our production process.
Today, the “branding wizard” is the main star of this behind the scenes process. Keep on reading.

Branding Wizardry

The art director has a key function: he's in charge of the overall visual appearance of the video and the hand (and brain) that ensures the best way to communicate concepts visually. He's the one who ensures the premium quality of any given aesthetic and analyzes every visual aspect of the video.
But, in this context, he also has a huge challenge: he needs to have a special ability to be able to translate different moods, emotions, messages and concepts into imagery for the illustrators and animators, always taking care of the brand's image.

Meeting the Art Director of Our Explainer Videos

What our art director does in his daily job might be a mystery for you and we want to make it as transparent as it can be. So, here we go:
Analyzes the creative brief
The art director analyzes the creative brief sent by the client during the first stages of the video production process. The creative brief is used to fully understand the product, brand, message, competitors, target audience and the rest of the indicators that will set the basis for the video development process. 
Researches the brand
As an art director, he also performs exhaustive research to gather specific information about the brand, its identity, main values and key differentiators. This will be vital for him to understand how he will communicate the spirit of the brand, visually. 
Ensures the brand's identity is applied in every element
The art director is responsible for aligning every element of the video (characters, backgrounds, chromatic scale, etc.) to the brand's identity. 
Assures that the characters are designed accordingly
The art director has to make sure that the characters (look, age, style, clothing, etc.) are designed based on the target audience that the video is aiming to and the message that needs to be delivered.
Certifies that every element is of high quality
The “branding wizard” is also responsible for assuring not only that every element (characters, backgrounds, colors, etc.) is applied according to the client´s requirements but also that they are of the best quality (high quality videos are a must to get the best marketing results).   
Reviews and approves every artwork
The art director also reviews and approves every design, graphic and artwork developed by the staff members.
Overall, the art director is a leader that inspires and guides the design and the animation teams. Every good art director needs to have the ability to get the most out of each team member. But at the same time, he has to maintain a clear vision on how to deliver a clear message that is aligned to the brand's guidelines and speaks right to the viewers.
Just like the art director plays an important role in the internal video production team, the account manager becomes your key partner in the daily work. Read this blog post and get more information about his specific function! 

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